Jeremiah 24
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1YHWH has showed me, and behold, two baskets of figs, appointed before the temple of YHWH—after the removing by Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, of Jeconiah, son of Jehoiakim king of Judah, and the heads of Judah, and the artisan, and the smith, from Jerusalem, when he brings them into Babylon— 2In one basket [are] very good figs, like the first-ripe figs, and in the other basket [are] very bad figs that are not eaten because of badness. 3And YHWH says to me, “What are you seeing, Jeremiah?” And I say, “Figs, the good figs [are] very good, and the bad [are] very bad, that are not eaten because of badness.”

4And there is a word of YHWH to me, saying, 5“Thus said YHWH, God of Israel: Like these good figs so I acknowledge "" The expulsion of Judah that I sent from this place, "" [To] the land of the Chaldeans—for good. 6And I have set My eyes on them for good, "" And have brought them back to this land, "" And built them up, and I do not throw down, "" And have planted them, and do not pluck up. 7And have given to them a heart to know Me, "" For I [am] YHWH, "" And they have been to Me for a people, "" And I am to them for God, "" For they turned back to Me with all their heart.

8And like the bad figs that are not eaten for badness, "" Surely thus said YHWH: So I make Zedekiah king of Judah, "" And his heads, and the remnant of Jerusalem, "" Who are left in this land, "" And who are dwelling in the land of Egypt, 9And I have given them for a trembling, "" For evil—to all kingdoms of the earth, "" For a reproach, and for an allegory, "" For a byword, and for a reviling, "" In all the places to where I drive them. 10And I have sent the sword against them, "" The famine and the pestilence, "" Until their consumption from off the ground, "" That I gave to them and to their fathers!”

Literal Standard Version
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