Job 37
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1“Also, my heart trembles at this, "" And it moves from its place.

2Listen diligently to the trembling of His voice, "" Indeed, the sound goes forth from His mouth.

3He directs it under the whole heavens, "" And its light [is] over the skirts of the earth.

4A voice roars after it—He thunders with the voice of His excellence, "" And He does not hold them back, "" When His voice is heard.

5God thunders with His voice wonderfully, "" Doing great things and we do not know.

6For He says to snow: Be [on] the earth. And the small rain and great rain of His power.

7Into the hand of every man he seals, "" For the knowledge by all men of His work.

8And the beast enters into [its] lair, "" And it continues in its habitations.

9From the inner chamber comes a windstorm, "" And from scatterings winds—cold,

10From the breath of God is frost given, "" And the breadth of waters is constricted,

11Indeed, by filling He presses out a cloud, [and] His light scatters a cloud.

12And it is turning itself around by His counsels, "" For their doing all He commands them, "" On the face of the habitable earth.

13Whether for a rod, or for His land, "" Or for kindness—He causes it to come.

14Hear this, O Job, "" Stand and consider the wonders of God.

15Do you know when God places them, "" And caused the light of His cloud to shine?

16Do you know the balancings of a cloud? The wonders of the Perfect in knowledge?

17How your garments [are] warm, "" In the quieting of the earth from the south?

18You have made an expanse with Him "" For the clouds—strong as a hard mirror!

19Let us know what we say to Him, "" We do not set in array because of darkness.

20Is it declared to Him that I speak? If a man has spoken, surely he is swallowed up.

21And now, they have not seen the light, "" It [is] bright in the clouds, "" And the wind has passed by and cleanses them.

22It comes from the golden north, "" Fearful splendor [is] beside God.

23The Mighty! We have not found Him out, "" High in power and judgment, "" He does not answer! And abundant in righteousness,

24Therefore men fear Him, "" He does not see any of the wise of heart.”

Literal Standard Version
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