Job 36
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1And Elihu adds and says:

2“Honor me a little, and I show you, "" That yet for God [are] words.

3I lift up my knowledge from afar, "" And I ascribe righteousness to my Maker.

4For my words [are] truly not false, "" The perfect in knowledge [is] with you.

5Behold, God [is] mighty, and does not despise, "" Mighty [in] power [and] heart.

6He does not revive the wicked, "" And appoints the judgment of the poor;

7He does not withdraw His eyes from the righteous, "" And [from] kings on the throne, "" And causes them to sit forever, and they are high,

8And if prisoners in chains "" They are captured with cords of affliction,

9Then He declares to them their work, "" And their transgressions, "" Because they have become mighty,

10And He uncovers their ear for instruction, "" And commands that they turn back from iniquity.

11If they hear and serve, "" They complete their days in good, "" And their years in pleasantness.

12And if they do not listen, "" They pass away by the dart, "" And expire without knowledge.

13And the profane in heart set the face, "" They do not cry when He has bound them.

14Their soul dies in youth, "" And their life among the defiled.

15He draws out the afflicted in his affliction, "" And uncovers their ear in oppression.

16And He also moved you from a narrow place "" [To] a broad place—no constriction under it, "" And the sitting beyond of your table has been full of fatness.

17And you have fulfilled the judgment of the wicked, "" Judgment and justice are upheld because of fury,

18Lest He move you with a stroke, "" And the abundance of an atonement not turn you aside.

19Does He value your riches? He has gold, and all the forces of power.

20Do not desire the night, "" For the going up of peoples in their stead.

21Take heed—do not turn to iniquity, "" For you have fixed on this "" Rather than [on] affliction.

22Behold, God sits on high by His power, "" Who [is] like Him—a teacher?

23Who has appointed to Him His way? And who said, You have done iniquity?

24Remember that you magnify His work "" That men have beheld.

25All men have looked on it, "" Man looks attentively from afar.

26Behold, God [is] high, "" And we do not know the number of His years, "" Indeed, there [is] no searching.

27When He diminishes droppings of the waters, "" They refine rain according to its vapor,

28Which clouds drop, "" They distill on man abundantly.

29Indeed, do [any] understand "" The spreadings out of a cloud? The noises of His dwelling place?

30Behold, He has spread His light over it, "" And He has covered the roots of the sea,

31For He judges peoples by them, "" He gives food in abundance.

32By two palms He has covered the light, "" And lays a charge over it in meeting,

33His shout shows it, "" The livestock also, the rising [storm].”

Literal Standard Version
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