Zechariah 4
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1And the messenger who is speaking with me turns back, and stirs me up as one who is stirred up out of his sleep, 2and he says to me, “What are you seeing?” And I say, “I have looked, and behold, a lampstand of gold—all of it, and its bowl [is] on its top, and its seven lamps [are] on it, and twice seven pipes [are] to the lights that [are] on its top, 3and two olive-trees [are] by it, one on the right of the bowl and one on its left.” 4And I answer and speak to the messenger who is speaking with me, saying, “What [are] these, my lord?” 5And the messenger who is speaking with me answers and says to me, “Have you not known what these [are]?” And I say, “No, my lord.” 6And he answers and speaks to me, saying, “This [is] a word of YHWH to Zerubbabel, saying, "" Not by a force, nor by power, "" But—by My Spirit, said YHWH of Hosts. 7Who [are] you, O great mountain "" Before Zerubbabel—for a plain! And he has brought forth the top-stone, "" Cries of Grace, grace—[are] to it.”

8And there is a word of YHWH to me, saying, 9“Hands of Zerubbabel founded this house, "" And his hands finish it, "" And you have known that YHWH of Hosts "" Has sent Me to you. 10For who trampled on the day of small things, "" They have rejoiced, "" And seen the tin weight in the hand of Zerubbabel, "" These seven [are] the eyes of YHWH, "" They are going to and fro in all the land.”

11And I answer and say to him, “What [are] these two olive-trees, on the right of the lampstand, and on its left?” 12And I answer a second time, and say to him, “What [are] the two branches of the olive trees that, by means of the two golden pipes, are emptying out of themselves the oil?” 13And he speaks to me, saying, “Have you not known what these [are]?” And I say, “No, my lord.” 14And he says, “These [are] the two sons of the oil, who are standing by the Lord of the whole earth.”

Literal Standard Version
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