2 Corinthians 7
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Paul’s Joy in the Corinthians

1since then, we have these promises, my dear brethren, let us cleanse our selves from all impurity, whether of body or mind, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

2Receive me as one who has wronged no man, who has corrupted no man, who has defrauded no man. 3I speak not this to your reproach: for I have already assured you, that I am so heartily well affected to you, I could live and die with you. 4I use indeed great freedom of speech toward you, yet I greatly glory upon your account: I am filled with comfort, and my joy is still superiour to all my affliction.

5for when I came to Macedonia, I had no respit from the trouble that beset me on every side: oppositions from without, and apprehensions within. 6nevertheless, God who comforteth those that are cast down, gave me comfort by the arrival of Titus: not barely by his presence, 7but by the consolation I received from you by him, when he acquainted me with your earnest desire to see me, with your concern, and your zeal for me; which greatly increas'd my joy. 8For tho' I was sorry my letter gave you some uneasiness, I do not repent of it, perceiving, that the uneasiness you had from that letter, did not dwell upon your minds. 9now I rejoice, not at your uneasiness, but at your repentance which succeeded: for your sorrow was a religious sorrow, such as convinc'd you I had done you no wrong. 10for religious sorrow produces that salutary repentance, which we never regret: but worldly sorrow preys upon life. 11'tis observable, even this religious sorrow which you had, what solicitude has it not wrought in you, what apologies, what indignation, what fear, what desire, what zeal, yea, what revenge! so that by your whole conduct, ye have shown your selves to be clear from guilt in this matter. 12wherefore, my writing to you so severely did not proceed from any prejudice to him, that had done the wrong, or from favour to him that suffered wrong, but to show my conscientious regard to your welfare. 13so that your comfort was no small satisfaction to me: yea, and I was the more exceedingly pleased for that cheerful tranquillity of mind which Titus received from the behaviour of you all. 14so that I am not ashamed of the commendations I have formerly given you to him; but as I have always preached the truth to you, so in my commendation to Titus, I have said nothing but truth of you. 15and his affection to you is abundantly increased, whilst he remembers your obedience, and that fear and reverence with which you all received him. 16my having therefore such an entire confidence in you, does agreeably affect me.

Daniel Mace New Testament (1729)

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