Acts 12
Bible Study Questions

1. How does the martyrdom of James highlight the reality and cost of following Christ?

2. In what ways does the Church's response to Peter's imprisonment demonstrate the power of communal prayer?

3. What can we learn about God's sovereignty from Peter's miraculous escape from prison?

4. How does Rhoda's reaction to Peter's arrival at Mary's house reflect on human reactions to answered prayers?

5. How does the divine retribution meted out to Herod serve as a warning to those who exalt themselves above God?

6. How can Peter's immediate action to share the news of his miraculous escape inspire us to testify about God's works in our lives?

7. How does the continued growth of the word of God amidst persecution and trials encourage you in your faith journey?

8. What role does faith play when facing trials and persecution as depicted in Acts 12?

9. How can we apply the lesson of constant prayer observed in this chapter in our lives?

10. How does the Church's communal prayer reflect on their faith and dependence on God?

11. How does the angelic intervention in Peter's escape and Herod's death demonstrate God's involvement in human affairs?

12. How can we relate to Rhoda's response when her prayer was answered?

13. How does Herod's death underscore the truth about divine justice?

14. What can we learn from the Church's perseverance in the face of persecution?

15. How does Peter's miraculous escape from prison challenge you to trust in God's power in your life?

16. How can we ensure that, like the early Church, we acknowledge and give glory to God in times of divine intervention?

17. How does the contrast between Herod's pride and Peter's humility in this chapter speak to you?

18. How does Acts 12 deepen your understanding of God's providence and justice?

19. What does Herod's death teach about the danger of pride and self-exaltation?

20. How does this chapter encourage you to remain steadfast in faith and prayer, especially in difficult times?

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