Acts 14
Bible Study Questions

1. What lessons can we learn from the boldness of Paul and Barnabas in preaching the Gospel amidst persecution in Iconium?

2. How does the miracle in Lystra demonstrate God's power?

3. How can we apply Paul and Barnabas' response to being mistaken for gods in our own lives when we face undue praise or worship?

4. How does the stoning of Paul reflect on the cost of discipleship?

5. What can we learn from Paul and Barnabas' effort to revisit the cities where they were persecuted to strengthen the disciples there?

6. How does the appointment of elders reflect the importance of leadership within the Church?

7. How does the perseverance of Paul and Barnabas amidst trials inspire you in your personal faith journey?

8. In what ways does the people's reaction to the miracle in Lystra challenge us to present the Gospel clearly to avoid misunderstandings?

9. How can we emulate Paul and Barnabas' commitment to sharing the Gospel in our own lives?

10. How does the reaction of the people of Lystra change from idolizing Paul and Barnabas to stoning Paul, and what does this tell us about the fickle nature of people?

11. How can we prepare ourselves to face the kind of persecution experienced by Paul and Barnabas?

12. How does Paul's recovery and return to the city after being stoned inspire you in your faith?

13. What lessons can we learn from the way Paul and Barnabas continually encouraged new believers to stay true to their faith?

14. How can the leadership model established by Paul and Barnabas in appointing elders inform the leadership structure in our own churches?

15. How does the journey of Paul and Barnabas from persecution in one city to bold proclamation in the next reflect on their reliance on God's guidance?

16. What does the chapter teach about the impact of external influences on the acceptance of the Gospel message?

17. What are some practical ways we can follow the example of Paul and Barnabas in strengthening the faith of fellow believers?

18. How does the conclusion of Paul and Barnabas' first missionary journey inspire you to share your personal testimonies of faith with others?

19. How does Acts 14 deepen your understanding of the costs and rewards of spreading the Gospel?

20. What does the phrase "we must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God" mean to you in your current circumstances?

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