Luke 22
Bible Study Questions

1. How does Judas' betrayal of Jesus challenge your understanding of loyalty and trust?

2. How do you interpret the symbolism of the bread and wine in the Last Supper?

3. What lessons can you learn from Jesus' prediction of Peter's denial?

4. How does Jesus' prayer at the Mount of Olives demonstrate His submission to God's will?

5. How can Jesus' response to His arrest inspire us in moments of injustice?

6. In what ways can we identify with Peter's denial of Jesus?

7. How can you apply the lessons from Jesus' trial in your personal life?

8. How does this chapter deepen your understanding of Jesus' love and sacrifice?

9. How can we maintain faithfulness in situations that may lead us to deny our beliefs?

10. How does Jesus' healing of the high priest's servant speak to His character?

11. What can we learn from the disciples' struggle to stay awake during Jesus' prayer?

12. How can Jesus' responses to betrayal, denial, and trial shape our responses to similar situations?

13. In what ways does the plot to kill Jesus reflect the darkness of human sin?

14. What steps can we take to avoid spiritual betrayal as Judas did?

15. How can the reality of Jesus' suffering and sacrifice impact your daily life?

16. How does Peter's bitter remorse after his denial speak to our own experiences of regret?

17. How does Jesus' affirmation of His identity during His trial inspire your confession of faith?

18. How should the events of this chapter affect our communion practices today?

19. How can we apply Jesus' submission to God's will in our decision-making processes?

20. How can we cultivate a prayer life that emulates Jesus' fervent communication with the Father?

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