Luke 23
Bible Study Questions

1. How does Jesus' trial before Pilate challenge your understanding of justice?

2. What does the choice between Jesus and Barabbas reveal about human nature and societal values?

3. How do you perceive the role of Simon of Cyrene in Jesus' journey to Golgotha?

4. In the scene at Golgotha, what insights can you gain about suffering and sacrifice?

5. How does Jesus' interaction with the two criminals inform your understanding of mercy and salvation?

6. What is your response to Jesus' prayer for His persecutors?

7. How does Jesus' death impact your perception of His mission and identity?

8. How can the account of Jesus' burial deepen your appreciation of the Easter story?

9. How does the centurion's declaration after Jesus' death inspire your faith?

10. In what ways can you relate to the different responses of the two criminals towards Jesus?

11. How do Jesus' final words inform your understanding of His relationship with God the Father?

12. What lessons can you draw from Pilate's and Herod's handling of Jesus' trial for your life?

13. How does Jesus' assurance of salvation to the repentant criminal affect your understanding of grace?

14. How can we embody Jesus' compassion and forgiveness in our daily interactions?

15. In what ways does the burial account affirm Jesus' humanity?

16. How can Jesus' willingness to face suffering and death motivate you in times of hardship?

17. How does the crowd's choice of Barabbas over Jesus influence your understanding of societal pressures and groupthink?

18. How can we apply the lessons from Jesus' trial and crucifixion to modern issues of justice and truth?

19. How should Jesus' prayer for His persecutors influence our attitude towards those who wrong us?

20. What steps can we take to entrust ourselves fully to God, as Jesus did at His death?

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