Luke 24
Bible Study Questions

1. How does the reality of the resurrection challenge your understanding of life and death?

2. In what ways do the reactions of the women and the disciples to the empty tomb reflect different responses to the message of the resurrection?

3. How does the Emmaus Road encounter enhance your understanding of Scripture?

4. What does Jesus' appearance to the disciples reveal about the nature of His resurrection?

5. How does Jesus' ascension influence your understanding of His mission and His ongoing role?

6. How does the disciples' joy and worship at the end of the chapter inspire your own worship and service?

7. How does the resurrection story affect your faith and hope in the face of trials and suffering?

8. What lessons can you learn from the disciples' initial failure to recognize Jesus on the road to Emmaus?

9. How does Jesus' command to wait for the Holy Spirit inform your understanding of Christian mission and empowerment?

10. How does the resurrection shape your perspective on the promises of God?

11. How do you reconcile the disciples' initial doubt with their later conviction and joy?

12. What can we learn from Jesus' method of teaching the two disciples on the Emmaus road?

13. How does the ascension story affect your understanding of Jesus' current intercessory role?

14. In what ways does Jesus' handling of the disciples' fear and doubt offer comfort and reassurance to us today?

15. How can we apply the lessons from the disciples' transformation in this chapter to our own spiritual growth?

16. How does the resurrection narrative influence your view on life after death?

17. How does the disciples' worship in the temple inspire your personal and corporate worship practices?

18. How can you incorporate the disciples' joy and anticipation following Jesus' ascension into your daily life?

19. How does the resurrection provide hope and meaning in a world that often seems filled with suffering and injustice?

20. What steps can you take to deepen your understanding and experience of the power of the resurrection in your personal life?

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