Psalm 11
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In the LORD I Take Refuge

1(10:1) For the end, a Psalm of David. In the Lord I have put my trust: how will ye say to my soul, (10:2) Flee to the mountains as a sparrow?

2(10:3) For behold the sinners have bent their bow, they have prepared their arrows for the quiver, to shoot privily at the upright in heart.

3(10:4) For they have pulled down what thou didst frame, but what has the righteous done?

4(10:5) The Lord is in his holy temple, as for the Lord, his throne is in heaven: his eyes look upon the poor, his eyelids try the sons of men.

5(10:6) The Lord tries the righteous and the ungodly: and he that loves unrighteousness hates his own soul.

6(10:7) He shall rain upon sinners snares, fire, and brimstone, and a stormy blast shall be the portion of their cup.

7(10:8) For the Lord is righteous, and loves righteousness; his face beholds uprightness.

The English translation of The Septuagint by Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton (1851)

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