Touch not Mine Anointed
1 Chronicles 16:19-22
When you were but few, even a few, and strangers in it.…

I. THE PERSON WHOSE THE SPEECH IS. "He is the Lord our God" (ver. 14).

II. THE PERSONS TO WHOM. In general to all; specially to some.


1. The patriarchs, who were the rulers of their people. The name implies fatherhood and government. They were anointed before there was any material anointing at all.

2. The kings who were the successors of the patriarchs.

(1) The Holy Ghost applies this term to Saul, David, Solomon, Hezekiah, Josiah, Cyrus (1 Samuel 12:3, 4; 2 Samuel 19:21; 2 Chronicles 6:42; Lamentations 4:20; Isaiah 45:1).

(2) This is affirmed by

(a)  The third general Council of Ephesus.

(b)  The great Council of Toledo the Fourth.

(c)  The great Western Council of Francford.

3. The fathers use the term in the same way.

4. After the patriarchs, this term is appropriate to kings, and kings only, all the Bible through. It is used —

(1)  Four times by God, "Mine anointed."

(2)  Six times to God, "Thine anointed."

(3)  Ten times of God, "His anointed."

(4)  Twelve times it is "God's anointed."In the text and in Psalm 105. it is applied to the patriarchs; all the other instances refer either to Christ or to kings.

(Bp. Andrewes.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: When ye were but few, even a few, and strangers in it.

WEB: when you were but a few men in number, yes, very few, and foreigners were in it.

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