God's Favour the Comfort of the SoulT. Burroughs.Numbers 6:23-26
Discontent a Rebellion Against GodJ. Burroughs.Numbers 16:1-35
The Folly of DiscontentJ. Burroughs.Job 18:4
The Sin of YouthJ. Burroughs.Job 20:11
The Ferocity of PersecutorsJeremiah Burroughs.Psalm 7:1-17
God's Arrows not Shot At RandomJeremiah Burroughs.Psalm 7:13
The Prophet HoseaJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 1:1
Scripture Picture -- TeachingJ. Burroughs.Hosea 1:2
The Blood of JezreelJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 1:4
Jehu's BowJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 1:5
Mercy Put in the BackgroundJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 1:6
A Promise of MercyJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 1:10
Eastern Divorce CustomJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 2:3
Returning to GodJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 2:6-7
Changes in God's Ways with UsJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 2:9
A Door of HopeJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 2:14-15
The Great BetrothalJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 2:18-19
The Promise of PeaceJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 2:18-19
God's People as SeedsJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 2:23
Barley a Mean FoodJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 3:2
Fear to the LordJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 3:5
The Divine Suit with IsraelJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 4:1
Lack of KnowledgeJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 4:6
Rejecting KnowledgeJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 4:6
Shame for GloryJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 4:7
Rhabdomania, or Divining by the Stick or StaffJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 4:12
Warning to JudahJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 4:17
God in Ways of JudgmentJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 5:1
Nets to Catch SoulsJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 5:1
The Deep Ways of Apostates and False WorshippersJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 5:2
Knowledge as a Basis of JudgmentJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 5:3
Framing the DoingsJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 5:4
Breaking BoundsJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 5:10
Help Sought from the CreatureJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 5:13
God's Time for MercyJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 6:1
Morning ComethJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 6:3
Man's GoodnessJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 6:4
Mercy Rather than SacrificeJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 6:6
Will not be HumbledJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 7:10
The Claim to Know GodJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 8:2
Sowing the WindJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 8:7
The Lord's LandJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 9:3
The Lessons of an Old StoryJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 9:9
Divine Severities for a NationJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 9:17
The Church Compared to a VineJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 10:1
Trust in Our Own ThingsJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 10:13-15
Mingled Severity and MercyJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 11:1
God's Gracious DealingsJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 11:4
Beset Round with LiesJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 11:12
Faithful with the SaintsJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 11:12
Feeding on WindJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 12:1
Jacob's StrengthJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 12:3-4
Take Heed How You HearJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 12:10
The Responsibility of Having the Revealed Word of GodJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 12:10
The Blood-Figure: Sin and Guilt Left Upon the SinnerJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 12:14
The Responsibility of Those Having Authority and InfluenceJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 13:1
Steps in ApostasyJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 13:2
Known in Time of DistressJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 13:5-9
A Gift of God's AngerJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 13:11
BackslidingJeremiah Burroughs.Hosea 14:4
Of the Necessity of Settling Good Principles in the HeartJ. Burroughs.Matthew 12:34-35
A Recommendation of Readiness for SufferingA. T. Burroughs.Matthew 16:21-23
A Description of a Poor-Spirited ManJ. Burroughs.Luke 6:20
Comfort to the Poor in SpiritJ. Burroughs.Luke 6:20
Poverty of Spirit Helpful to PrayerJ. Burroughs.Luke 6:20
Promises to the Poor in SpiritJ. Burroughs.Luke 6:20
The Reason Why God Regards Poverty of SpiritJ. Burroughs.Luke 6:20
Godly Mourners Shall be ComfortedJ. Burroughs.Luke 6:21
How Mourners Should Order Their MourningJ. Burroughs.Luke 6:21
The Folly of Men Rebuked Who are All for MirthJ. Burroughs.Luke 6:21
Times of Righteousness Promised to the ChurchJ. Burroughs.Luke 6:21
Principles for SufferingJ. Burroughs.Luke 6:22-23
Some Arguments for the Helping of Saints to SufferJ. Burroughs.Luke 6:22-23
Christ's KingdomJ. Burroughs.John 18:36
Delighting in the DefectiveJeremiah Burroughs.1 Corinthians 13:6

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