Jacob's Twofold Name and NatureDean Plumptre.Genesis 32:28
The Christian Minister Bearing a Message from God to ManH. S. Plumptre, M. A.Judges 3:12-30
The House of GodHelen Plumptre.1 Samuel 1:7
God Sought in TroubleHelen Plumptre.1 Samuel 1:10-11
Mistaken JudgmentHelen Plumptre.1 Samuel 1:13-17
Prayer AnsweredHelen Plumptre.1 Samuel 1:27-28
A Child's MinistryHelen Plumptre.1 Samuel 2:18-19
An Absent GodHelen Plumptre.1 Samuel 7:2
God's Past Mercies the Encouragement to Future TrustH. S. Plumptre, M. A.1 Samuel 7:12
The Lost AssesHelen Plumptre.1 Samuel 9:8
Saul Among the ProphetsHelen Plumptre.1 Samuel 10:10
Waiting the Lord's TimeHelen Plumptre.1 Samuel 13:11-12
The Valiant SoldierHelen Plumptre.1 Samuel 14:1-23
The Rash OathHelen Plumptre.1 Samuel 14:24-52
Samuel's Grief Over SaulHelen Plumptre.1 Samuel 15:11-23
The Blessed PeacemakerHelen Plumptre.1 Samuel 19:4
The Outcast ServantHelen Plumptre.1 Samuel 30:11-13
The Robber of Solomon's TimeDean Plumptre.Proverbs 1:10-19
The Charm of GoodnessDean Plumptre.Proverbs 16:7
A ProtestE. H. Plumptre, D. D.Isaiah 3:12
Judah's Great FollyE. H. Plumptre, D. D.Isaiah 22:12-14
A City to PlunderE. H. Plumptre, D. D.Isaiah 39:2
The Waiting Christian StrengthenedH. S. Plumptre, M. A.Isaiah 40:31
The Ideal Servant JehovahE. H. Plumptre, D. D.Isaiah 42:1-17
The Potter and the ClayDean Plumptre.Jeremiah 18:1-10
The Mark of LifeDean Plumptre.Ezekiel 9:3-6
Earthquakes in PalestineDean Plumptre.Amos 1:1
The Enthusiasm of PovertyE. H. Plumptre.Matthew 10:9
Salome's Death RetributiveDean Plumptre.Matthew 14:1-11
The Last Struggle of ConscienceDean Plumptre.Matthew 14:1-11
Providing Festal GarmentsDean Plumptre.Matthew 22:11-13
Tithe of MintDean Plumptre.Matthew 23:23-24
Show Thyself to the PriestDean Plumptre.Mark 1:40-45
Our Lord's Quotations from the ScripturesDean Plumptre.Luke 4:9-13
New Cloth on an Old GarmentDean Plumptre.Luke 5:33-38
New Wine in Old BottlesDean Plumptre.Luke 5:33-38
The Election of MatthiasDean Plumptre.Acts 1:23-26
The LotDean Plumptre.Acts 1:23-26
The Fitness of the Day of PentecostDean Plumptre.Acts 2:1-4
The Visitors At JerusalemDean Plumptre.Acts 2:5-11
Hours of PrayerDean Plumptre.Acts 3:1-11
Peter and JohnDean Plumptre.Acts 3:1-11
The Reciprocal GazeDean Plumptre.Acts 3:4
Solomon's PorchDean Plumptre.Acts 3:11-26
The Blotting Out of SinDean Plumptre.Acts 3:19-21
Times of RefreshmentDean Plumptre.Acts 3:19-21
Times of Restitution of All ThingsDean Plumptre.Acts 3:21
Cut to the HeartDean Plumptre.Acts 5:33-42
The DispersionDean Plumptre.Acts 8:1-8
GazaDean Plumptre.Acts 8:26-39
DamascusDean Plumptre.Acts 9:1-3
Soul's CommissionDean Plumptre.Acts 9:1-3
The WayDean Plumptre.Acts 9:1-3
LyddaDean Plumptre.Acts 9:32-43
Herod the KingDean Plumptre.Acts 12:1-19
ManaenDean Plumptre.Acts 13:1
Prophets and TeachersDean Plumptre.Acts 13:1
CyprusDean Plumptre.Acts 13:3-12
Elymas the SorcererDean Plumptre.Acts 13:3-12
Sure MerciesDean Plumptre., H. McNeile, D. D.Acts 13:32-34
Jewish TacticsDean Plumptre.Acts 13:50-52
The PythonessDean Plumptre.Acts 16:16-25
The Punishment of the MissionariesDean Plumptre.Acts 16:19-26
Christ Versus CaesarDean Plumptre.Acts 17:7
Paul's VowDean Plumptre.Acts 18:18-23
The School of TyrannusDean Plumptre.Acts 19:9
The Worship of DianaDean Plumptre.Acts 19:24-41
The Temple of EphesusDean Plumptre.Acts 19:29
Reticence AvoidedDean Plumptre.Acts 20:20-21
Agrippa and BerniceDean Plumptre.Acts 25:13-27
The Three Stages of the Spiritual LifeDean Plumptre.Acts 26:19-23
GovernmentsDean Plumptre, D.D.1 Corinthians 12:28-31
Through Death to LifeE. H. Plumptre, D. D.2 Timothy 1:1-2
The AppearingE. H. Plumptre, D. D., H. D. M. Spence, M. A.2 Timothy 1:10
Beneficent Wishes for the DeadE. H. Plumptre, D. D.2 Timothy 1:18
Lawful DietE. H. Plumptre, D. D.2 Timothy 2:5
Reflection Aids DiscernmentE. H. Plumptre, D. D.2 Timothy 2:7
Defection DangerousE. H. Plumptre, D. D.2 Timothy 2:15
Inscription on Foundation StonesE. H. Plumptre, D. D.2 Timothy 2:19
The House and its VesselsE. H. Plumptre, D. D.2 Timothy 2:20-21
Wise unto Salvation Through FaithE. H. Plumptre, D. D.2 Timothy 3:14-15
St. Paul's Relations with PhilemonDean Plumptre.Philemon 1:1
The Afterlife of OnesimusDean Plumptre.Philemon 1:10
A PartnerDean Plumptre.Philemon 1:17
The Allegory of Sin and DeathDean Plumptre.James 1:13-15
God Honouring, Men DespisingDean Plumptre.James 2:1-7
Professors, Yet PersecutorsDean Plumptre.James 2:1-7
The Royal LawDean Plumptre.James 2:8-9
Potential TransgressionE. H. Plumptre, D. D.James 2:10-13
Vain ManDean Plumptre.James 2:14-26
Faith More than CreedDean Plumptre.James 2:14-26
All Kinds of Creatures Tamed by ManDean Plumptre.James 3:7-8
The SequenceDean Plumptre.James 3:17-18
Ye Ask, and Receive NotDean Plumptre.James 4:1-3
Lusting and MurderDean Plumptre.James 4:1-3
Was the Picture True? -- ThereDean Plumptre.James 4:1-3
The Yearning of the Divine Spirit Over UsDean Plumptre.James 4:5
BoastingsDean Plumptre.James 4:13-17
The JustDean Plumptre.James 5:1-6
The Great Court of AppealDean Plumptre.James 5:7-8
Judicial OathsDean Plumptre.James 5:12
The Practice of the EssenesDean Plumptre.James 5:12
Premier for RainDean Plumptre.James 5:16-18
Abrupt EndingDean Plumptre.James 5:19-20
The Wide Blessedness of LoveDean Plumptre.James 5:19-20
Honour AllDean Plumptre.1 Peter 2:17

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