Israel and Pharaoh: Types of the New and Old ManG. Wagner.Exodus 6:6-8
The Paschal LambG. Wagner.Exodus 12:13
The Pillar of Cloud and FireG. Wagner.Exodus 13:21
Poisoned WatersG. Wagner.Exodus 15:22-27
Murmuring, the Result of ForgetfulnessG. Wagner.Exodus 16:1-12
Manna and DewG. Wagner.Exodus 16:13-15
Is the Lord Among Us, or Not? -- a False InferenceG. Wagner.Exodus 17:7
Significance of the Silver TrumpetG. Wagner.Numbers 10:1-10
The State of Mind in Moses Which Prompted This InvitationG. Wagner.Numbers 10:29-32
The Sin of ComplainingG. Wagner.Numbers 11:1-3
The Mixed MultitudeG. Wagner.Numbers 11:4
Uncontrolled DesiresG. Wagner.Numbers 11:31-35
The Grace of MeeknessG. Wagner.Numbers 12:3
The Character of BalaamG. Wagner.Numbers 22:15-35
Balaam's Prophecy of Christ as Star and SceptreG. Wagner.Numbers 24:17-19
Two Ways of Seeing ChristG. Wagner.Numbers 24:17-19
Why Moses Must not Enter CanaanG. Wagner.Numbers 27:12-14
Israel's ProgressG. Wagner.Numbers 31:1-12
The Sin of Discouraging Our BrethrenG. Wagner.Numbers 32:6-15
The Danger of Allowing SinG. Wagner.Numbers 33:50-56
Balaam's Curse Turned into a Blessing by GodG. Wagner.Deuteronomy 23:5
The Scarlet LineG. Wagner.Joshua 2:1-24
Ye have not Passed This Way HeretoforeG. Wagner.Joshua 3:2-8
Sowing and ReapingGeorge Wagner.Job 4:8-9
The Hypocrite -- His Character, Hope, and EndGeorge Wagner.Job 8:13
The Need of a DaysmanGeorge Wagner.Job 9:33
The Triumph of FaithGeorge Wagner.Job 13:15
The Triumph of PatienceGeorge Wagner.Job 14:14
The Consolations of God and Secret ThingsGeorge Wagner.Job 15:11
The Hope of JobGeorge Wagner.Job 17:9
The Confidence of the WickedGeorge Wagner.Job 18:14
The Triumph of the WickedGeorge Wagner.Job 20:4-5
Acquaintance with GodGeorge Wagner.Job 22:21
Christian QuietnessGeorge Wagner.Job 34:29
Consciousness of Sin the Result of the Manifestation of GodGeorge Wagner.Job 40:3-4
Humiliation and ExaltationGeorge Wagner.Job 42:5-6

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