Genesis 13
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Abram and Lot Part Ways

1Than Abram departed out of Egipte both he and his wyfe and all that he had and Lot wyth hym vnto the south.

2Abram was very rych in catell syluer and gold. 3And he went on his iourney fro the south even vnto BETHEL ad vnto the place where his tente was at the fyrst tyme betwene BETHEL and Ay 4and vnto the place of the aulter which he made before. And there called Abram vpon the name of the LORde. 5Lot also which went wyth hym had shepe catell and tentes: 6so that the londe was not abill to receaue them that they myght dwell together for the substance of their riches was so greate that they coude not dwell together 7And there fell a stryfe betwene the herdmen of Abrams catell and the herdmen of Lots catell. Moreouer the Cananytes and the Pherysites dwelled at that tyme in the lande.

8Than sayd Abram vnto Lot: let there be no stryfe I praye the betwene the and me and betwene my herdmen and thyne for we be brethren. 9Ys not all the hole lande before the? Departe I praye the fro me. Yf thou wylt take the lefte hande I wyll take the right: Or yf thou take the right hande I wyll take the left.

Lot Proceeds toward Sodom

10And Lot lyft vp hys eyes and beheld all the contre aboute Iordane which was a plenteous contre of water every where before the LORde destroyed Sodoma and Gomorra.Even as the garden of the LORde and as the lande of Egipte tyll thou come to Zoar. 11Than Lot chose all the costes of Iordane ad toke hys iourney from the east. And so departed the one brother from the other. 12Abram dwelled in the lande of Canaan. And lot in the cytes of the playne and tented tyll he came to Sodome. 13But the men of sodome were wyked and synned exceadyngly agenst the LORde.

God Renews the Promise to Abram

14And the LORde sayed vnto Abram after that Lot was departed from hym: lyfte vp thyne eyes and loke from ye place where thou art northward southward eastward and westward 15for all the lande which thou seiste wyll I gyue vnto the and to thy seed for ever. 16And I wyll make thy seed as the dust of the erth: so that yf a ma can nombre the dust of the erth than shall thy seed also be nombred. 17Aryse and walke aboute in the lande in the length of it ad in the bredth for I wyll geue it vnto the. 18Than Abra toke downe hys tente and went and dwelled in the okegrove of Mamre which is in Ebron and buylded there a n altar to the LORde.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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