Psalm 37
Young's Literal Translation

Don't Fret Because of Evildoers

(1 Kings 2:1-9)

1By David.


Do not fret because of evil doers, Be not envious against doers of iniquity,

2For as grass speedily they are cut off, And as the greenness of the tender grass do fade.


3Trust in Jehovah, and do good, Dwell [in] the land, and enjoy faithfulness,

4And delight thyself on Jehovah, And He giveth to thee the petitions of thy heart.


5Roll on Jehovah thy way, And trust upon Him, and He worketh,

6And hath brought out as light thy righteousness, And thy judgment as noon-day.


7Be silent for Jehovah, and stay thyself for Him, Do not fret because of him Who is making prosperous his way, Because of a man doing wicked devices.


8Desist from anger, and forsake fury, Fret not thyself only to do evil.

9For evil doers are cut off, As to those waiting on Jehovah, they possess the land.


10And yet a little, and the wicked is not, And thou hast considered his place, and it is not.

11And the humble do possess the land, And they have delighted themselves In the abundance of peace.


12The wicked is devising against the righteous, And gnashing against him his teeth.

13The Lord doth laugh at him, For He hath seen that his day cometh.


14A sword have the wicked opened, And they have trodden their bow, To cause to fall the poor and needy, To slaughter the upright of the way.

15Their sword doth enter into their own heart, And their bows are shivered.


16Better [is] the little of the righteous, Than the store of many wicked.

17For the arms of the wicked are shivered, And Jehovah is sustaining the righteous.


18Jehovah knoweth the days of the perfect, And their inheritance is — to the age.

19They are not ashamed in a time of evil, And in days of famine they are satisfied.


20But the wicked perish, and the enemies of Jehovah, As the preciousness of lambs, Have been consumed, In smoke they have been consumed.


21The wicked is borrowing and repayeth not, And the righteous is gracious and giving.

22For His blessed ones do possess the land, And His reviled ones are cut off.


23From Jehovah [are] the steps of a man, They have been prepared, And his way he desireth.

24When he falleth, he is not cast down, For Jehovah is sustaining his hand.


25Young I have been, I have also become old, And I have not seen the righteous forsaken, And his seed seeking bread.

26All the day he is gracious and lending, And his seed [is] for a blessing.


27Turn aside from evil, and do good, and dwell to the age.

28For Jehovah is loving judgment, And He doth not forsake His saintly ones, To the age they have been kept, And the seed of the wicked is cut off.

29The righteous possess the land, And they dwell for ever on it.


30The mouth of the righteous uttereth wisdom, And his tongue speaketh judgment.

31The law of his God [is] his heart, His steps do not slide.


32The wicked is watching for the righteous, And is seeking to put him to death.

33Jehovah doth not leave him in his hand, Nor condemn him in his being judged.


34Look unto Jehovah, and keep His way, And He doth exalt thee to possess the land, In the wicked being cut off — thou seest!


35I have seen the wicked terrible, And spreading as a green native plant,

36And he passeth away, and lo, he is not, And I seek him, and he is not found!


37Observe the perfect, and see the upright, For the latter end of each [is] peace.

38And transgressors were destroyed together, The latter end of the wicked was cut off.


39And the salvation of the righteous [is] from Jehovah, Their strong place in a time of adversity.

40And Jehovah doth help them and deliver them, He delivereth them from the wicked, And saveth them, Because they trusted in Him!

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