Acts 18
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1And when Paulus went out from Athens, he came to Corinthus. 2And there he found one man, who was a Jew, whose name was Aqilaus, who was from Pontus, who at that time had come from the country of Italia, he and Priscilla his wife, because Claudius Caesar had ordered all the Jews to leave Rome, and he came to them. 3And because he was a member of their craft, he stayed with them, and he was working with them in their craft, for they were Tentmakers. 4And he was speaking in the synagogue on every Sabbath and was persuading the Jews and the Pagans.

5And when Shila and Timotheos had come from Macedonia, Paulus was constrained in the word because the Jews were opposing him and blaspheming as he was testifying to them that Yeshua is The Messiah. 6And he shook his clothes and he said to them, “From now on I am clean; I myself go to the Gentiles.” 7And he left there and entered the house of a man whose name was Titus, one who was a worshiper of God, and his house was joined to the synagogue. 8And Krispus, The Leader of the synagogue was trusting in Our Lord, he and all the children of his household, and many Corinthians were listening and were trusting in God and being baptized. 9And THE LORD JEHOVAH said in a vision to Paulus, “Do not be afraid, but speak and do not be silent, 10Because I am with you, and no man can harm you, and I have many people in the city.” 11And he remained one year and six months in Corinthus and was teaching them the word of God.

12And when Galion The Proconsul of Akaia was there, the Jews gathered together as one against Paulus, and they brought him before the judgment seat, 13While they were saying, “This one persuades people to be worshiping God outside of The Law.” 14And when Paulus had requested to open his mouth and speak, Galion said to the Jews, “If you are accusing about a matter of wickedness or fraud or what is hateful, Oh Jews, I would receive you on the merits. 15But if the charges are about a discourse or about names or about your law, you know among yourselves that I do not want to be judge of these matters.” 16And he expelled them from his judgment seat. 17And all the pagans were seizing Sosthenes, the Elder of the synagogue, and they were beating him before the judgment seat and Galion was disregarding these things.

18And when Paulus had been there for many days, he bade farewell to the brethren and he journeyed by sea to go to Syria, and Priscilla and Aqilaus came with him when he shaved his head in Qenkreos, because he had vowed a vow for himself. 19And he arrived at Ephesaus and Paulus entered the synagogue and he was speaking with the Jews. 20And they were asking him to tarry with them, and he did not consent, 21As he said, “I must always observe the coming feast in Jerusalem, and if God wills, I shall return again to you.” And he left Aqilaus and Priscilla in Ephesaus.

22He traveled by sea and came to Qesaria, and he came up and invoked the peace of the members of the church and he went on to Antiakia.

23And when he was there for notable days, he went out and traveled in the countries, one after the other, of Galatia and Phrygia, establishing all of the disciples.

24One man, a Jew whose name was Apollo, a native of Alexandria and instructed in the word, was familiar with the Scriptures and he came to Ephesaus. 25This man had been taught the way of THE LORD JEHOVAH and he was fervent in spirit, speaking and teaching thoroughly about Yeshua, yet not knowing anything except the baptism of Yohannan. 26And he began publicly speaking in the synagogue, and when Aqilaus and Priscilla heard him, they brought him unto them, and thoroughly showed him the way of THE LORD JEHOVAH. 27As he wanted to go to Akaia, they exhorted the brethren and wrote to the disciples to receive him and when he went, he helped all the believers greatly by grace. 28He was powerfully instructing contrary to the Jews before the crowds while showing from the Scripture concerning Yeshua, that he is The Messiah.

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