1 Corinthians 3
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God’s Fellow Workers
(Hebrews 5:11–14)

1And I coulde not speake vnto you brethren, as vnto spirituall, but as vnto carnall eue as vnto babes in Christe. 2I gaue you mylke to drynke, and not meate: For ye then were not stronge, neither are ye as yet. 3For ye are carnal. Seing then, there is among you enuying, & stryfe, and sectes, are ye not carnall, and walke as men? 4For whyle one sayth, I am of Paul, and another, I am of Apollo, are ye not carnall?

5What is Paul? what is Apollo? Only ministers are they by whom ye beleued, euen as the Lorde gaue to euery man. 6I haue planted, Apollo watered: but God gaue the encrease. 7So then, neither is he that planteth any thyng, neither he that watreth: but God that geueth the encrease. 8He that planteth, & he that watreth, are one, and euery man shal receaue his rewarde accordyng to his labour. 9For we together are Gods labourers, ye are Gods husbandrie ye are Gods buyldyng.

Christ Our Foundation
(Isaiah 28:14–22; Ephesians 2:19–22; 1 Peter 2:1–8)

10Accordyng to the grace of God geuen vnto me, as a wise maister builder haue I layde the foundation, and another buyldeth theron. But let euery man take heede howe he buyldeth vpon. 11For other foundation can no man lay, then that that is layde, which is Iesus Christe. 12If any man buylde on this foundation, golde, syluer, precious stones, tymber, haye or stubble: 13Euery mans worke shal appeare. The day shall declare it, because it shalbe reuealed by the fire: And the fire shall trie euery mans worke what it is. 14If any mans worke that he hath built vpon abyde, he shall receaue a reward. 15If any mans worke burne, he shall suffer losse, but he shalbe safe hym selfe: neuertheles, yet as it were through fire.

God’s Temple and God’s Wisdom
(Romans 12:1–8; 1 Corinthians 6:18–20)

16Knowe ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the spirite of God dwelleth in you? 17If any man defyle the temple of God, hym shall God destroy. For the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

18Let no man deceaue him selfe. Yf any man among you seeme to be wise in this worlde, let hym be a foole, that he may be wyse.

19For the wisedome of this worlde, is foolishnesse with God. For it is writte: He compasseth the wise in their own craftynesse. 20And agayne The Lorde knoweth the thoughtes of the wyse, that they be vayne. 21Therfore, let no man reioyce in men: For all thynges are yours: 22Whether it be Paul, or Apollo, or Cephas, either the worlde, either lyfe, or death, whether they be present thinges, or thynges to come, all are yours: 23And ye are Christes, and Christe (is) Gods.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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