Psalm 76
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God’s Name Is Great in Israel

1To the chiefe musition in Neginoth, the psalme of Asaph, a song. In Iurie is God knowen: his name is great in Israel.

2At Shalem is his tabernacle: and his dwellyng in Sion.

3There he brake the arrowes of the bowe: the shielde, the sworde, and the battayle. Selah.

4Thou art honourable: and of more puissaunce then the mountaynes of robbers.

5The hygh couragious stomackes are spoyled, they haue slept their slepe: and the valiaunt souldiours coulde not finde their owne handes.

6At thy rebuke O God of Iacob: both the charet and horse be brought to naught.

7Thou, euen thou art dreadfull: and who may stande in thy syght when thou begynnest to be angry?

8Thou causest thy iudgement to be hearde from heauen: then the earth trembleth, and is styll.

9When God ariseth to iudgement: and to helpe all the afflicted vpon the earth. Selah.

10The fearcenesse of man shall turne to thy prayse: and the remnaunt of the fearcenesse thou wylt restrayne.

11Make vowes vnto God your Lorde, & perfourme them all ye that be rounde about hym: bryng presentes vnto hym that is dreadfull.

12He abateth the spirite of princes: he is dreadfull to the kynges of the earth.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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