Proverbs 28:1
Good News Translation
The wicked run when no one is chasing them, but an honest person is as brave as a lion.

New Revised Standard Version
The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.

Contemporary English Version
Wicked people run away when no one chases them, but those who live right are as brave as lions.

New American Bible
The wicked flee though none pursue; but the just, like a lion, are confident.

Douay-Rheims Bible
The wicked man fleeth, when no man pursueth: but the just, bold as a lion, shall be without dread.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

The wicked man fleeth, when no man pursueth: but the just, bold as a lion, shall be without dread.

the righteous

Exodus 11:8 And all these thy servants shall come down to me, and shall worship me, saying: Go forth thou, and all the people that is under thee: after that we will go out.

Psalm 27:1,2 The psalm of David before he was anointed. The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the protector of my life: of whom shall I be afraid? . . .

Psalm 46:2,3 Therefore we will not fear, when the earth shall be troubled; and the mountains shall be removed into the heart of the sea. . . .

Psalm 112:7 The just shall be in everlasting remembrance: he shall not fear the evil hearing. His heart is ready to hope in the Lord:

Isaiah 26:3,4 The old error is passed away: thou wilt keep peace: peace, because we have hoped in thee. . . .

Daniel 3:16-18 Sidrach, Misach, and Abdenago, answered, and said to king Nabuchodonosor: We have no occasion to answer thee concerning this matter. . . .

Daniel 6:10,11 Now, when Daniel knew this, that is to say, that the law was made, he went into his house: and opening the windows in his upper chamber towards Jerusalem, he knelt down three times a day, and adored and gave thanks before his God, as he had been accustomed to do before. . . .

Acts 4:13 Now seeing the constancy of Peter and of John, understanding that they were illiterate and ignorant men, they wondered: and they knew them that they had been with Jesus.

Acts 14:3 A long time therefore they abode there, dealing confidently in the Lord, who gave testimony to the word of his grace, granting signs and wonders to be done by their hands.

1 Thessalonians 2:2 But having suffered many things before and been shamefully treated, (as you know) at Philippi, we had confidence in our God, to speak unto you the gospel of God in much carefulness.

The Boldness of the Righteous
1The wicked man fleeth, when no man pursueth: but the just, bold as a lion, shall be without dread.2For the sins of the land many are the princes thereof: and for the wisdom of a man, and the knowledge of those things that are said, the life of the prince shall be prolonged.…
Cross References
Leviticus 26:17
I will set my face against you, and you shall fall down before your enemies: and shall be made subject to them that hate you. You shall flee when no man pursueth you.

Leviticus 26:36
And as to them that shall remain of you I will send fear in their hearts in the countries of their enemies. The sound of a flying leaf shall terrify them: and they shall flee as it were from the sword. They shall fall, when no man pursueth them.

2 Kings 7:7
Wherefore they arose, and fled away in the dark, and left their tents, and their horses and asses in the camp, and fled, desiring to save their lives.

Nehemiah 6:11
And I said: Should such a man as I flee? and who is there that being as I am, would go into the temple, to save his life? I will not go in.

Psalm 53:5
They have not called upon God: there have they trembled for fear, where there was no fear. For God hath scattered the bones of them that please men: they have been confounded, because God hath despised them.

Proverbs 27:27
Let the milk of the goats be enough for thy food, and for the necessities of thy house, and for maintenance for thy handmaids.

Isaiah 30:17
A thousand men shall flee for fear of one: and for fear of five shall you flee, till you be left as the mast of ship on the top of a mountain, and as an ensign upon a hill.

Proverbs 27:27
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