Genesis 18
The Three Visitors
An Interlude of Grace: Hospitality, Promises, and Intercession

This chapter highlights the incredible power of hospitality, faith, and intercession, reminding us that despite human doubt and the presence of wickedness in the world, God's promises stand, His justice prevails, and His merciful nature shines when His people humbly intercede.

Abraham's Hospitality (Verses 1-8)

The Lord appears to Abraham, who, recognizing the divine presence, extends extravagant hospitality towards the three visitors.

Promise of Isaac's Birth and Sarah's Doubt (Verses 9-15)

The Lord reaffirms His promise that Sarah will give birth to a son, which Sarah doubts due to her old age, causing her to laugh. The Lord questions her doubt, affirming that nothing is too difficult for Him.

Judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah Announced (Verses 16-21)

The men look towards Sodom and Gomorrah, and the Lord contemplates whether to disclose His plan to judge these cities to Abraham, acknowledging Abraham's future role in guiding his descendants in righteousness.

Abraham's Intercession for the Righteous (Verses 22-33)

Abraham intercedes for the cities, imploring God to spare them if even a few righteous people are found. God agrees to Abraham's pleas, promising to spare the cities for the sake of the righteous.

In this chapter, we witness a divine encounter at the Oaks of Mamre, where Abraham extends hospitality to three mysterious visitors, one of whom is the Lord Himself. As the chapter unfolds, it delivers a divine promise of a son, impending judgment on wicked cities, and a heartfelt intercession by Abraham.

1. Hospitality
2. Divine Promise and Intervention
3. Human Doubt and Laughter
4. The Righteousness of God
5. Intercession
1. Abraham's Hospitality towards the Three Visitors
2. The Promise of Isaac's Birth
3. Sarah's Doubt and Laughter
4. The Impending Judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah
5. Abraham's Intercession for the Righteous
1. Abraham
2. Sarah
3. The Lord
4. Three Visitors
1. Oaks of Mamre
2. Abraham's Tent
3. Sodom and Gomorrah
Bible Study Questions

1. What does Abraham's hospitality towards the three visitors teach us about our attitude towards strangers?

2. How does Sarah's reaction to the promise of a son reflect our own reactions to seemingly impossible promises of God?

3. What does the Lord's response to Sarah's laughter reveal about His character?

4. How does the impending judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah contrast with God's promise of a son to Abraham and Sarah?

5. In what ways does Abraham's intercession for Sodom and Gomorrah demonstrate his compassion and justice?

6. Why do you think the Lord decided to share His plans regarding Sodom and Gomorrah with Abraham?

7. How does this narrative challenge you to believe in God's promises, even when they seem impossible?

8. How does the announcement of Isaac's birth, despite Sarah's barrenness and old age, inspire hope in your present situation?

9. How can you apply Abraham's act of intercession in your own life, community, or world today?

10. What does God's willingness to spare the wicked cities for the sake of a few righteous people tell us about His character?

11. How does this chapter deepen your understanding of the interplay between divine judgment and mercy?

12. How can we reconcile Sarah's doubt with her position as a matriarch of faith?

13. In what ways does Abraham’s conversation with God about the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah shape your understanding of prayer and its power?

14. How does the negotiation between God and Abraham illustrate the patience and compassion of God?

15. How would you respond to God's promise if you were in Sarah's position?

16. How can you exhibit hospitality in your life as Abraham did with the three visitors?

17. How can you actively intercede for those in your life who might be walking away from God's path?

18. How does Abraham’s persistent intercession inspire you to remain steadfast in prayer?

19. How do the promises made to Abraham in this chapter shape your understanding of God’s larger plan for humanity?

20. What does this chapter reveal about the importance of faith, even in the face of doubt or impossibility?

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