2 Corinthians 13
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Examine Yourselves

1Now come I the thirde tyme vnto you. In the mouth of two or thre witnesses shal euery matter be stablisshed. 2I haue tolde you before, & tell you before as present ye seconde tyme, & wryte it now beynge absent, vnto the which in tyme passed haue synned, & to all other: & yf I come agayne, I wil not spare, 3seynge that ye seke experiece of him, which speaketh in me, euen Christ, which amonge you is not weake, but is mightie amoge you. 4And though he was crucified in weaknes, yet lyueth he in the power of God. And though we are weake in him, yet lyue we with him in the power of God amonge you.

5Proue youre selues, whether ye are in the faith, exame youre selues. Or knowe ye not yor selues, yt Iesus Christ is in you? Excepte ye be cast awayes. 6But I trust ye knowe, yt we are not cast awayes. 7I desyre before God yt ye do no euell: not yt we shulde seme comendable, but yt ye shulde do yt which is good, & let vs be as cast awayes. 8For we maye do nothinge agaynst ye trueth, but for ye trueth. 9We are glad whan we are weake, & ye stronge: & the same also we wysshe for, namely yor perfectnesse. 10Therfore wryte I these thinges beynge absent, lest wha I am present, I shulde vse sharpnesse, acordinge to the power which the LORDE hath geue me to edifye, and not to destroye.

Benediction and Farewell

11Fynally brethren, reioyse, be parfecte, coforte yor selues, be of one mynde, be peaceable, and the God of loue and peace shalbe wt you. 12Salute one another with an holy kysse. 13All the sayntes salute you.

14The grace of oure LORDE Iesus Christ, & the loue of God, and the fellishippe of ye holy goost be with you all. Amen.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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