Exodus 25
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Offerings for the Tabernacle
(Exodus 35:4–9)

1And ye LORDE talked wt Moses & ayde: 2Speake vnto ye childre of Israel, yt they geue me an Heue offerynge, & take the some of euery man, that hath a fre wyllynge hert therto. 3And this is the Heueofferynge that ye shal take of them: Golde, syluer, brasse, 4yalowe sylke, scarlet, purple, whyte twyned sylke, goates hayre, 5reed skynnes of rammes, doo skynnes, Fyrre tre, 6oyle for lampes, spyces for the anoyntynge oyle, and for swete incense. 7Onix stones and set stones for the ouerbody cote and for the brestlappe. 8And they shall make me a Sanctuary, that I maie dwell amonge them. 9Like as I shal shewe ye a patrone of the Habitacion, and of all the ornamentes therof, so shall ye make it.

The Ark of the Covenant
(Exodus 37:1–5)

10Make an Arke of Fyrre tre two cubytes & a half longe, a cubyte & a half brode, and a cubyte & an half hye: 11this shalt thou ouerleye with pure golde within and without, & make an hye vpo it a crowne of golde rounde aboute, 12and cast foure rynges of golde, & put them in the foure corners of it, so that two rynges be vpon the one syde, and two vpon the other syde. 13And make staues of Fyrre tre, and ouer laye them with golde, 14and put them in the rynges alonge by the sydes of the Arke, to beare it withall: 15and they shal abyde styll in the rynges, & not be take out. 16And in ye Arke thou shalt laye the wytnesse, that I wyl geue the.

The Mercy Seat
(Exodus 37:6–9)

17Thou shalt make a Mercyseate also of pure golde, two cubytes and a half longe, and a cubyte & a half brode. 18And thou shalt make two Cherubyns of beaten golde vpo both ye endes of the Mercyseate, 19yt the one Cherub maye be vpon the one ende, & the other vpon the other ende, & so to be two Cherubyns vpon the endes of the Mercyseate. 20And the Cherubyns shall sprede out their wynges ouer an hye, yt they maye couer ye Mercyseate wt their wynges: & yt either their faces maye be right ouer one agaynst another, and their faces shal loke vnto the Mercyseate. 21And thou shalt set ye Mercyseate aboue vpon the Arke. And in the Arke thou shalt laye the wytnesse, yt I shal geue the. 22From yt place wyll I testifie vnto ye, and talke with the, namely, from ye Mercyseate (betwixte the two Cherubyns) which is vpon the Arke of wytnesse, of all that I wyl comaunde ye vnto the children of Israel.

The Table of Showbread
(Exodus 37:10–16; Leviticus 24:5–9)

23Thou shalt make a table also of Fyrre tre, two cubites longe, and one cubyte brode, and a cubyte and a half hye, 24and ouerlaye it with pure golde, and make a crowne of golde rounde aboute it, 25and an whope of an hade brede hye, and a crowne of golde vnto ye whope rounde aboute. 26And vnto it thou shalt make foure rynges of golde, on the foure corners in the foure fete of it: 27harde vnder the whope shall ye rynges be, to put in staues and to beare the table wt all: 28and thou shalt make the staues of Fyrre tre, & ouerlaye them with golde, yt the table maye be borne therwith. 29Thou shalt make also his disshes, spones, pottes, and flat peces of pure golde, to poure out and in. 30And vpon the table thou shalt all waye set shewbred before me.

The Lampstand
(Exodus 37:17–24; Numbers 8:1–4)

31Morouer thou shalt make a candelsticke of fyne beaten golde, where vpon shall be the shaft with braunches, cuppes, knoppes, and floures. 32Sixe braunches shall proceade out of the sydes of the candelsticke, out of euery syde thre braunches. 33Euery braunch shal haue thre cuppes, (like allmondes) thre knoppes, and thre floures. These shalbe the sixe braunches of the candilsticke. 34But the shaft of the candilsticke it self shal haue foure cuppes, knoppes and floures, 35and allwaie a knoppe vnder two braunches, of the sixe that proceade out of the candilsticke. 36For both the knoppes and braunches shall proceade out of the shaft, all one pece of fyne beaten golde. 37And thou shalt make seuen lampes aboue there on, that they maye geue light one ouer agaynst another, 38and snoffers and out quenchers of pure golde. 39Out of an hundreth pounde weight of pure golde shalt thou make it, with all this apparell. 40And se that thou make it after the patrone that thou hast sene in the mount.

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