Leviticus 24
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The Oil for the Lamps
(Exodus 27:20–21)

1And the LORDE spake vnto Moses, & sayde: 2Comaunde the children of Israel, that they brynge pure oyle olyue beaten for lightes, that it maye be allwaye put in the lampes, 3without before the vayle of wytnesse in the Tabernacle of wytnesse. And Aaron shall dresse it allwaye at euen & in ye mornynge before the LORDE. Let this be a perpetuall lawe vnto youre posterities. 4The lapes shal he dresse vpon the pure candilsticke before the LORDE perpetually.

The Showbread
(Exodus 25:23–30; Exodus 37:10–16)

5And thou shalt take fyne floure, and bake twolue cakes therof: two teth deales shal euery cake haue, 6& thou shalt laye them sixe on a rowe vpo the pure table before the LORDE. 7And vpon the same shalt thou laye pure frankencense, that it maye be bred of remembraunce for an offerynge vnto ye LORDE. 8Euery Sabbath shal he prepare the before the LORDE allwaye, and receaue them of the children of Israel for an euerlastinge couenaunt. 9And they shalbe Aarons & and his sonnes, which shal eate them in the holy place. For this is his most holy of the offerynges of the LORDE for a perpetuall dewtye.

Punishment for Blasphemy

10And there wente out an Israelitish womans sonne, which was the childe of a man of Egipte (amonge the children of Israel) and stroue in ye hoost 11with a man of Israel, & named the name of God blasphemously, & cursed. Then brought they him vnto Moses. His mothers name was Selomith, the doughter of Dibri, of the trybe of Dan. 12And they put him in preson, tyll they were infourmed by the mouth of the LORDE.

13And the LORDE spake vnto Moses, and sayde: 14Brynge him that cursed, out of the hoost, and let all the that herde it, laye their handes vpon his heade, and let the whole congregacion stone him. 15And saye vnto the childre of Israel. Who so euer blasphemeth his God, shall beare his synne: 16and he that blasphemeth the name of the LORDE, shal dye the death. The whole congregacio shal stone him. As the straunger, so shal he of the housholde be also. Yf he blaspheme the name, he shal dye.

An Eye for an Eye
(Matthew 5:38–48)

17He that slayeth a man, shall dye ye death. 18but he that slayeth a beest, shall paye for it. Soule for soule. 19And he that maymeth his neghboure, it shall be done vnto him, euen as he hath done: 20broke for broke, eye for eye, tothe for tothe: euen as he hath maymed a a man, so shal it be done vnto him agayne, 21so that, who so slayeth a beest, shall paye for it: But he that slayeth a man, shal dye. 22There shal be one maner of lawe amonge you, to ye straunger as to one of youre selues: for I am the LORDE youre God. 23Moses tolde the children of Israel. And they brought him that had cursed, out of ye hoost, and stoned him. Thus dyd the childre of Israel as the LORDE comaunded Moses.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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