Ezekiel 11
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Evil in High Places

1Morouer, the sprete of the LORDE lift me vp, & brought me vnto ye east porte of the LORDES house. And beholde, there were xxv men vnder the dore: amoge whom I sawe Iaasanias the sonne of Asur, & Pheltias the sonne of Banias, the rulers of the people. 2Then sayde the LORDE vnto me: Thou sonne of man: These men ymagin myschefe, and a wicked councel take they in this cite, 3sayenge: Tush, there is no destruccion at honde, let vs buylde houses: This Ierusalem is the cauldron, & we be the flesh. 4Therfore shalt thou prophecie vnto them, yee prophecie shalt thou vnto them, O sonne of man.

5And with that, fell the sprete of the LORDE vpon me, and sayde vnto me: Speake, thus saieth the LORDE: On this maner haue yee spoke (O ye house of Israel) and I knowe the ymaginacios of youre hertes. 6Many one haue ye murthured in this cite, & filled the stretes full of the slayne. 7Therfore, thus saieth the LORDE God: The slayne men that ye haue layed on the grounde in this cite, are the flesh, & this cite is the cauldron: But I wil bringe you out of it: 8ye haue drawe out ye swearde, eue so wil I also bringe a swearde ouer you, saieth ye LORDE God. 9I will dryue you out of this cite and delyuer you in to youre enemies honde, & wil condemne you. 10Ye shal be slayne in all the coastes of Israel, I wil be avenged of you: to lerne you for to knowe, that I am the LORDE. 11This cite shal not be youre cauldron, nether shal ye be the flesh therin: but in the coastes of Israel wil I punysh you, 12that ye maye knowe, that I am the LORDE: in whose commaundementes ye haue not walked, ner kepte his lawes: but haue done after the customes of the Heithen, that lie rounde aboute you.

A Promise of Restoration
(Jeremiah 32:36–44)

13Now when I preached, Pheltias the sonne of Banias dyed. Then fell I downe vpo my face, & cried with a loude voyce: O LORDE God, wilt thou then vterly destroye all the remnaunt in Israel?

14And so the worde of the LORDE came to me on this maner: 15Thou sonne of man: Thy brethren, thy kynsfolke, & ye whole house of Iuda, which dwell at Ierusalem, saye: They be gone farre from the LORDE, but the londe is geuen vs in possession. 16Therfore tell them, thus saieth the LORDE God: I wil sende you farre of amoge the Gentiles, & scatre you amonge the nacions, & I wil halowe you but a litle, in the londes where ye shall come. 17Tell them also, thus saieth the LORDE God: I wil gather you agayne out of the nacions, & bringe you from the countrees where ye be scatred, & will geue you the londe of Israel agayne: 18& thither shal ye come. And as for all impedimentes, & all youre abhominacions: I will take them awaye. 19And I wil geue you one herte, & wil plante a new sprete within yor bowels. That stony herte wil I take out of youre body, & geue you a fleshy herte: 20that ye maye walke in my commaundementes, and kepe myne ordinaunces, & do them: that ye maye be my people, and I youre God. 21But loke whose hertes are disposed to folowe their abhominacions and wicked lyuynges: Those mens dedes will I bringe vpon their owne heades, saieth the LORDE God.

God’s Glory Leaves Jerusalem

22After this dyd the Cherubins lift vp their winges, and the wheles wente with them, and the glory of the LORDE was vpon them. 23So the glory of the LORDE wente vp from the myddest of the cite, & stode vpon the mount of the cite towarde the east. 24sprete of God) it brought me agayne in to Caldea amonge the presoners. Then the vision that I had sene, vanyshed awaye fro me. 25So I spake vnto the presoners, all the wordes of the LORDE, which he had shewed me.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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