Hosea 6
Coverdale Bible of 1535 Par ▾ 

The Unrepentance of Israel and Judah

1In their aduersite they shall seke me, and saye: come, let vs turne agayne to the LORDE: for he hath smytten vs, and he shal heale vs:

2He hath wounded vs, & he shal bynde vs vp agayne: after two dayes shal he quycken vs, in the thirde daye he shal rase vs vp, so that we shal lyue in his sight.

3Then shal we haue vnderstondinge, & endeuoure oure selues to knowe the LORDE. He shal go forth as the sprynge of the daye, and come vnto vs as the euenynge and mornynge rayne vpon the earth.

4O Ephraim, what shal I do vnto the? O Iuda, how shal I intreate the? seynge youre loue is like a mornynge cloude, & like a dew yt goeth early awaye.

5Therfore haue I cut downe the prophetes, & letten them be slayne for my wordes sake: so that thy punyshment shal come to light.

6For I haue pleasure in louynge kyndnesse, and not in offerynge: Yee in the knowlege of God, more then in burntsacrifice.

7But euen like as Adam dyd, so haue they broken my couenaunt, and set me at naught.

8Galaad is a cite of wicked doers, of malicious people and bloudshedders.

9The multitude of the prestes is like an heape of theues, murtherers & bloudthurstie: for they haue wrought abhominacion.

10Horrible thinges haue I sene in the house of Israel, there playeth Ephraim the harlot, and Israel is defyled:

11but Iuda shall haue an haruest for himself, when I returne the captiuyte of my people.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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