Isaiah 27
Coverdale Bible of 1535 Par ▾ 

The LORD’s Vineyard
(John 15:1–8)

1Then the LORDE with his heuye, great and loge swearde shal vyset Leuiatha, that invincible serpet: eue Leuiatha yt croked serpent, and shal slaye the Wallfish in ye see.

2At the same tyme shal me synge of the vynyarde of Muscatel.

3I the LORDE kepe it, and water it in due season. I watch daye & night, that no man breake in to it. I beare no euel wil in my mynde.

4Who will compell me, that I greatly forgettinge all faithfulnesse, shulde burne it vp at once wt thornes & bushes?

5Or who will enforce me to kepe or make peace?

6It wil come to this poynte, yt Iacob shalbe rooted againe, and Israel shalbe grene & beare floures, & they shal fyll ye whole worlde wt their frute.

7Smyteth he not his smyter, as euel as he is smytte himself? Destroieth he not ye murtherers, as he is murthured?

8Euery ma recopenseth wt ye measure yt he receaueth: He museth vpo his sore wynde, as vpo the dayes of extreme heate.

9And therfore shal the iniquite of Iacob be thus reconciled. And so shal he take awaye all ye frute of his synnes. As for aulter stones, he shal make them all as stones beaten to poulder: the Groues and Idols shal not stonde.

10The stronge cities shalbe desolate, and ye fayre cities shalbe left like a wildernes. The catel shal fede and lie there, and the shepe shal eate it vp.

11Their haruest shal be brent, their wyues which were their bewtie when they came forth: shalbe defyled. For it is a people without vnderstodinge, and therfore he yt created them, shal not fauoure them: and he yt made them, shal not be merciful to the.

12In yt tyme shal ye LORDE shute from ye swifte water of Euphrates, vnto ye ryuer of Egipte. And there shal the children be chosen out one by one. 13Then shal the greate trompet be blowen, so that those which haue bene destroyed in the Assirians londe, and those that be scatred abrode in Egipte: shal come & worshipe the LORDE at Ierusale, vpo the holy mount.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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