Proverbs 28
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The Boldness of the Righteous

1The impious flees, though no one pursues. But the just, like a confident lion, shall be without dread.

2Because of the sins of the land, it has many princes. And because of the wisdom of a man, and the knowledge of those things that are said, the life of the leader shall be prolonged.

3A poor man slandering the poor is like a violent rainstorm in advance of a famine.

4Those who abandon the law praise the impious. Those who guard it are inflamed against him.

5Evil men do not intend judgment. But those who inquire after the Lord turn their souls toward all things.

6Better is the pauper walking in his simplicity, than the rich walking in ways of depravity.

7Whoever keeps the law is a wise son. But whoever feeds gluttons brings shame to his father.

8Whoever piles up riches by usury and profit gathers them for him who will give freely to the poor.

9Whoever turns away his ears from listening to the law: his prayer will be detestable.

10Whoever deceives the just in a malicious way will fall into his own perdition. And the simple shall possess his goods.

11The rich one seems wise to himself. But the poor one, being prudent, shall evaluate him.

12In the exultation of the just, there is great glory. When the impious reign, men are brought to ruin.

13Whoever hides his crimes will not be guided. But whoever will have confessed and abandoned them shall overtake mercy.

14Blessed is the man who is ever fearful. Yet truly, whoever is hardened in mind will fall into evil.

15An impious leader over a poor people is like a roaring lion and a hungry bear.

16A leader destitute of prudence will oppress many through false accusations. But whoever hates avarice shall prolong his days.

17A man who slanders the blood of a life, even if he flees to the pit, no one will tolerate him.

18Whoever walks simply shall be saved. Whoever is perverse in his steps will fall all at once.

19Whoever works his land shall be satisfied with bread. But whoever pursues leisure will be filled with need.

20A faithful man shall be greatly praised. But whoever rushes to become rich will not be innocent.

21Whoever shows favoritism in judgment does not do well; even if it is for a morsel of bread, he forsakes the truth.

22A man who hurries to become rich, and who envies others, does not know that destitution will overwhelm him.

23Whoever corrects a man, afterward he shall find favor with him, more so than he who deceives him with a flattering tongue.

24Whoever takes away anything from his father or mother, and who says, “This is not a sin,” is the associate of a murderer.

25Whoever boasts and enlarges himself stirs up conflicts. Yet truly, whoever trusts in the Lord will be healed.

26Whoever trusts in his own heart is a fool. But whoever treads wisely, the same shall be saved.

27Whoever gives to the poor shall not be in need. Whoever despises his petition will suffer scarcity.

28When the impious rise up, men will hide themselves. When they perish, the just shall be multiplied.

Catholic Public Domain Version

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