Psalm 7
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I Take Refuge in You

1A Psalm of David, which he sang to the Lord because of the words of Cush, the son of Jemini. O Lord, my God, in you I have hoped. Save me from all those who persecute me, and free me:

2lest at any time, like a lion, he might seize my soul, while there is no one to redeem me, nor any who can save.

3O Lord, my God, if there is iniquity in my hands, if I have done this:

4if I have repaid those who rendered evils to me, may I deservedly fall away empty before my enemies:

5let the enemy pursue my soul, and take hold of it, and trample my life into the earth, and drag down my glory into the dust.

6Rise up, Lord, in your anger. And be exalted to the borders of my enemies. And rise up, O Lord my God, according to the precept that you commanded,

7and a congregation of people will surround you. And, because of this, return on high.

8The Lord judges the people. Judge me, O Lord, according to my justice and according to my innocence within me.

9The wickedness of sinners will be consumed, and you will direct the just: the examiner of hearts and temperaments is God.

10Just is my help from the Lord, who saves the upright of heart.

11God is a just judge, strong and patient. How could he be angry throughout every day?

12Unless you will be converted, he will brandish his sword. He has extended his bow and made it ready.

13And with it, he has prepared instruments of death. He has produced his arrows for those on fire.

14Behold him who has given birth to injustice: he has conceived sorrow and has begotten iniquity.

15He has opened a pit and enlarged it. And he has fallen into the hole that he made.

16His sorrow will be turned upon his own head, and his iniquity will descend upon his highest point.

17I will confess to the Lord according to his justice, and I will sing a psalm to the name of the Lord Most High.

Catholic Public Domain Version

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