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‘ă·lêh — 4 Occurrences

Genesis 3:7
HEB: הֵ֑ם וַֽיִּתְפְּרוּ֙ עֲלֵ֣ה תְאֵנָ֔ה וַיַּעֲשׂ֥וּ
NAS: fig leaves together
KJV: fig leaves together,
INT: themselves sewed leaves fig and made

Genesis 8:11
HEB: עֶ֔רֶב וְהִנֵּ֥ה עֲלֵה־ זַ֖יִת טָרָ֣ף
NAS: olive leaf. So Noah
KJV: [was] an olive leaf pluckt off:
INT: evening and behold leaf olive was a freshly

Leviticus 26:36
HEB: אֹתָ֗ם ק֚וֹל עָלֶ֣ה נִדָּ֔ף וְנָס֧וּ
NAS: of a driven leaf will chase
KJV: of a shaken leaf shall chase
INT: will chase and the sound leaf of a driven will flee

Isaiah 34:4
HEB: יִבּ֔וֹל כִּנְבֹ֤ל עָלֶה֙ מִגֶּ֔פֶן וּכְנֹבֶ֖לֶת
NAS: away As a leaf withers
KJV: shall fall down, as the leaf falleth off
INT: wither away A leaf the vine withers

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