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biṯ·ḏî·rā — 2 Occurrences

Daniel 6:16
HEB: פָּֽלַֽח־ לֵהּ֙ בִּתְדִירָ֔א ה֖וּא יְשֵׁיזְבִנָּֽךְ׃
NAS: whom you constantly serve
KJV: servest continually, he will deliver
INT: as for thee serve constantly will Himself deliver

Daniel 6:20
HEB: פָּֽלַֽח־ לֵהּ֙ בִּתְדִירָ֔א הַיְכִ֥ל לְשֵׁיזָבוּתָ֖ךְ
NAS: whom you constantly serve,
KJV: whom thou servest continually, able
INT: whom serve constantly been to deliver

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