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ḥê·lām — 6 Occurrences

Genesis 34:29
HEB: וְאֶת־ כָּל־ חֵילָ֤ם וְאֶת־ כָּל־
NAS: all their wealth and all
KJV: And all their wealth, and all their little ones,
INT: all their wealth and all their little

Numbers 31:9
HEB: וְאֶת־ כָּל־ חֵילָ֖ם בָּזָֽזוּ׃
NAS: and all their goods they plundered.
KJV: and all their flocks, and all their goods.
INT: their flocks and all their goods plundered

Job 5:5
HEB: וְשָׁאַ֖ף צַמִּ֣ים חֵילָֽם׃
NAS: is eager for their wealth.
KJV: swalloweth up their substance.
INT: is eager and the schemer their wealth

Psalm 49:6
HEB: הַבֹּטְחִ֥ים עַל־ חֵילָ֑ם וּבְרֹ֥ב עָ֝שְׁרָ֗ם
NAS: Even those who trust in their wealth And boast
KJV: They that trust in their wealth, and boast
INT: trust in their wealth the abundance of their riches

Psalm 49:10
HEB: וְעָזְב֖וּ לַאֲחֵרִ֣ים חֵילָֽם׃
NAS: And leave their wealth to others.
KJV: and leave their wealth to others.
INT: and leave to others their wealth

Zephaniah 1:13
HEB: וְהָיָ֤ה חֵילָם֙ לִמְשִׁסָּ֔ה וּבָתֵּיהֶ֖ם
NAS: Moreover, their wealth will become
KJV: Therefore their goods shall become a booty,
INT: will become their wealth plunder and their houses

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