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gā·ḏîš — 3 Occurrences

Exodus 22:6
HEB: קֹצִים֙ וְנֶאֱכַ֣ל גָּדִ֔ישׁ א֥וֹ הַקָּמָ֖ה
NAS: to thorn bushes, so that stacked grain or
KJV: in thorns, so that the stacks of corn, or the standing corn,
INT: to thorn is consumed stacked or the standing

Job 5:26
HEB: קָ֑בֶר כַּעֲל֖וֹת גָּדִ֣ישׁ בְּעִתּֽוֹ׃
NAS: Like the stacking of grain in its season.
KJV: in a full age, like as a shock of corn cometh in
INT: the grave the stacking of grain season

Job 21:32
HEB: יוּבָ֑ל וְֽעַל־ גָּדִ֥ישׁ יִשְׁקֽוֹד׃
NAS: [Men] will keep watch over [his] tomb.
KJV: and shall remain in the tomb.
INT: is carried over tomb will keep

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