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hā·rə·šā·‘îm — 8 Occurrences

Exodus 9:27
HEB: וַאֲנִ֥י וְעַמִּ֖י הָרְשָׁעִֽים׃
NAS: and I and my people are the wicked ones.
KJV: and I and my people [are] wicked.
INT: and I people are the wicked

Numbers 16:26
HEB: אָהֳלֵ֨י הָאֲנָשִׁ֤ים הָֽרְשָׁעִים֙ הָאֵ֔לֶּה וְאַֽל־
NAS: of these wicked men,
KJV: I pray you, from the tents of these wicked men,
INT: the tents men wicked of these nay

Psalm 1:4
HEB: לֹא־ כֵ֥ן הָרְשָׁעִ֑ים כִּ֥י אִם־
NAS: The wicked are not so,
KJV: The ungodly [are] not so: but [are] like the chaff
INT: are not so the wicked for but

Psalm 11:2
HEB: כִּ֤י הִנֵּ֪ה הָרְשָׁעִ֡ים יִדְרְכ֬וּן קֶ֗שֶׁת
NAS: For, behold, the wicked bend the bow,
KJV: For, lo, the wicked bend [their] bow,
INT: For behold the wicked bend the bow

Psalm 145:20
HEB: וְאֵ֖ת כָּל־ הָרְשָׁעִ֣ים יַשְׁמִֽיד׃
NAS: Him, But all the wicked He will destroy.
KJV: all them that love him: but all the wicked will he destroy.
INT: love all the wicked will destroy

Ecclesiastes 8:14
HEB: אֲלֵהֶם֙ כְּמַעֲשֵׂ֣ה הָרְשָׁעִ֔ים וְיֵ֣שׁ רְשָׁעִ֔ים
NAS: according to the deeds of the wicked. On the other hand, there
KJV: according to the work of the wicked; again, there be
INT: about the deeds of the wicked there are evil

Jeremiah 25:31
HEB: לְכָל־ בָּשָׂ֑ר הָרְשָׁעִ֛ים נְתָנָ֥ם לַחֶ֖רֶב
NAS: flesh; As for the wicked, He has given
KJV: he will give them [that are] wicked to the sword,
INT: all flesh the wicked has given to the sword

Zephaniah 1:3
HEB: וְהַמַּכְשֵׁל֖וֹת אֶת־ הָרְשָׁעִ֑ים וְהִכְרַתִּ֣י אֶת־
NAS: along with the wicked; And I will cut off
KJV: and the stumblingblocks with the wicked; and I will cut off
INT: and the ruins along the wicked will cut man

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