1 Chronicles 6
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1The sons of Levi: Gershun and Qahath and Merari. 2And the children of Qahath: Amram and Itshar and Khebron and Uzeil. 3And the children of Amram: Moshe and Aaron and Maryam, and the children of Aaron: Nadab and Abihu and Eliazar and Ithamar. 4And Eliazar begot Phinkhes, and Phinkhes begot Abishu. 5And Abishu begot Abidar, and Abidar begot Azi. 6And Azi begot Zerakhyah, and Zerakhyah begot Maru. 7And Maru begot Amaryah, and Amaryah begot Akhitub. 8And Akhitub begot Tsaduq, and Tsaduq begot Akhimets. 9And Akhimets begot Azrayah, and Azrayah begot Yukhanan. 10And Yukhanan begot Azaryah, and Azaryah ministered in the house that Solomon built in Jerusalem. 11And Azaryah begot Amaryah, and Amaryah begot Akhitub. 12And Akhitub begot Tsadoq, and Tsaduq begot Shalum. 13And Shalum begot Khelaqyah, and Khelaqyah begot Azaryah. 14And Azaryah begot Serayah, and Serayah begot Tsaduq. 15And Tsaduq was taken captive when LORD JEHOVAH led the men of Yehuda and Jerusalem captive to Babel, to Nebukadnetsar.

16The sons of Levi: Gershun and Qahath and Merari. 17And these are names of the sons of Gershun: Lebni and Shemi. 18And the sons of Qahath: Amram and Yatshar and Khebrun and Uziel. 19And the sons of Marari: Makhli and Mushi; these are the generations of Levi for their fathers: 20Gershun, his son Nakhath, his son Zema his son 21Yuwakh his son, Adu his son, Yatur his son 22The sons of Qahath: Aminadab his son, Qurakh his son, Asir his son 23Halqanah his son, Akensaph his son 24Takhuth his son, Uriel his son, Uzziah his son, Shaul his son. 25And the sons of Halqana: Amshi and Akhimuth 26Halqanah his son, Tsuph his son, Nakhath his son, Zarakh his son, Shemala his son, Mari his son 27Eliab his son, Gadkhiel his son, Halqanah his son. 28And the sons of Shamuyel: his firstborn son, Yuyel, and the name of his second son, Abia. 29And the sons of Merari: Makhli his son, Lebni his son 30Shemi his son, Aza his son, Shemaiah his son, Eshaia his son.

31And these are all those whom David appointed that they would minister in the house of LORD JEHOVAH in the place where the Ark is set 32And they would be serving before the Tabernacle in the Tent of Time, with hymns of great praise, until Solomon builds the house of LORD JEHOVAH which is in Jerusalem, and he appointed them to their occupations, according to their law. 33And these and their sons of the sons of Qahath from the tribe of the Levites ministered: Haman and Yoel, son of Shemueil 34Son of Halqanah, son of Yarkhum, son of Eliel, son of Takhu 35The son of Tsuph, son of Halqanah, son of Khamath, son of Mushi 36Son of Halqanah, son of Yuel, son of Azaryah, son of Zephnaya 37Son of Takhath, son of Asir, son of Aksiph, son of Qurakh 38Son of Yatshar, son of Qahath, son of Levi, son of Israel 39And his brother Asaph who stood at the right of Asaph, son of Brakyah, son of Shemaiah. 40Son of Mikayel, son of Masya, son of Melakya 41Son of Athni, son of Zarakh, son of Araya 42Son of Athan, son of Zema, son of Shemi 43Son of Yukha, son of Gershun, son of Levi 44The sons of Merari their brother who stood at the left side: Athan, son of Qishi, son of Amar, son of Maluk 45Son of Kheshabya, son of Amutsaya, son of Khelaqya 46Son of Natur 47Son of Makhli, son of Mushi, son of Merari, son of Levi. 48And their brothers the Levites who were giving to all the works of the house of the Tabernacle of the house of LORD JEHOVAH.

49And Aaron and his sons offered sacrifices on the altar, and upon the altar of incense burners of sweet spices, all the work of the Holy of Holies, to make atonement for Israel as Moshe the Servant of LORD JEHOVAH commanded. 50And these are the sons of Aaron: Eliazar his son, Phinkhes his son, Abishu his son 51Baqi his son, Azi his son, Zerakhyah his son 52Maru his son, Amaryah his son, Akhitub his son 53Tsaduq his son, Akhimats his son.

54And these are the names of the cities that came to the families in their borders: to the children of Aaron, the family of Qahath, because to them the first lot arrived. 55And they gave them Khebruun in the land of Yehuda and all the hamlets that are around it that are in the land of Yehuda. 56And all the fields of the cities that were around it they gave to Kalab, son of Yuphna. 57And to the children of Aaron they gave all the cities of salvation. They gave to the Priests Khebron and its hamlets, and Lebna and its hamlets, and Yathar and its hamlets, and Lekhem and its hamlets, and Eshtemu and its hamlets 58And Debir and its hamlets 59And Ashan and its hamlets, and Etra and its hamlets, and Bayth Shemesh and its hamlets. 60And from the tribe of Benyamin they gave Gebah and its hamlets, Almuth and its hamlets, Nathuth and its hamlets, all the cities were thirteen for their families.

61And to the children of Qahath who inherited from the tribe of the family of Menashe, ten cities in number. 62And for the children of Gershun for their families, from the tribe of Issakar, and from the tribe of the house of Ashir, and from the tribe of Menashe, and from the tribe of the house of Naphtali, thirteen cities in number. 63To the children of Marari for their families, from the tribe of the house of Rubil, and from the tribe of the children of Gad, and from the tribe of the children of Zabalaun, thirteen cities in number. 64And the children of Israel gave the Levites these cities and their hamlets. 65And they gave by lots from the tribe of the house of Yehuda, and from the tribe of the children of Shemon, and from the tribe of Benyamin these cities that were themselves called by the name of the families of the children of Qahath.

66And the cities and their borders were from the tribe of the house of Aphreim. 67And they gave them the cities of salvation: Shecheem and its villages in the mountain of the tribe of the house of Aphreim, and Yazir and its hamlets 68And Bayth Khuran and its hamlets 69And Alilun and its hamlets, and Gethremun and its hamlets. 70And from half of the tribe of Menashe they gave Anath and its hamlets, and Yablin and its hamlets, and to the tribe of the children of Qahath that they inherited.

71To the children of Gershun from half of the tribe of Menashe: Gulan that is in Mathnin and its hamlets and Ashtur and its hamlets. 72And from the tribe of Issakar: Raqem and its hamlets, Dabruth and its hamlets 73Ilam and its hamlets. 74And from the tribe of the house of Ashir: Mashal and its hamlets, Ebrun and its hamlets 75Qiq and its hamlets, Dahab and its hamlets. 76And from the tribe of the house of Naphtali: Reqem that is in Galila and its hamlets, Hamun and its hamlets, Quryathim and its hamlets.

77And from the tribe of the house of Merari that they inherited from the tribe of the house of Zabalaun: Armuni and its hamlets, Tabor and its hamlets. 78And at the crossing of Jordan of Yerikho, from the east of the Jordan, from the tribe of the house of Rubil: Butsar in the wilderness and its hamlets, Mepuphath and its hamlets, Yahats and its hamlets 79Qadmuth and its hamlets, Muphath and its hamlets 80Ramuth and its hamlets, Makhlam and its hamlets 81Yezir and its hamlets, Kheshbon and its hamlets.

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