1 Chronicles 7
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1The sons of Issakar: Tula and Phua and Shuub and Shemroon, these his four sons. 2The sons of Tula: Azi, Arphaya, Yuyel, Lakhmi and Yabsam and Shamuyel, the Chiefs among their fathers. These are the sons of Tula, mighty men of power for their families in their generations by their number, and in the days of David, twenty and two thousand and six hundred. 3And the sons of Uuz: Izarkhan; and the sons of Izarkhan: Malkayel and Oubdaya and Yuel and Ishwa, four Chiefs, all of them. 4Their families for the house of their fathers, mighty men of the army and makers of war, thirty and six thousand, because they increased, and their wives and their children. 5And their brothers, all the families of the house of Issakar, mighty men of the army: eighty and seven thousand.

6And these are the names of the sons of Benjamin: Bela and Akbar and Ashkuul and Gaara and Naaman and Akhi and Aruush and Maphi and Khapheem and Adar. 7And the sons of Baala: Atsbuun and Azi and Zayel and Yarmuth and Azri five Chiefs of the house of their father, mighty men of the army, and the number of them was twenty and two thousand and thirty and four. 8And the sons of Akbar: Zemura and Yawush and Eliazar and Elani and Amri and Yarmuth and Abia and Anathuth and Almuth; these all are the sons of Akbar. 9And their number was for their families, for the Chiefs among their fathers to their generations, mighty men of the army, twenty and two thousand and two hundred. 10And these are the sons of Ashkul: Balhan; and the sons of Balhan: Yawush and Benjamin and Ihur and the Canaanites, and Zaytuun and Tarshish and Akheshrakh. 11All these are the sons of Ashkul, to the heads of their fathers for their families, mighty men of the army, seventeen thousand and two hundred who go out in the army of war. 12And Shaphan and Khaphis, the sons of Gur, the sons of Khusha.

13The sons of Naphtali: Yatshayel and Guni and Yatsar and Shalom, these are the sons of Balha.

14The sons of Menashe whom his concubine gave birth to him: Isarkel and Aduniah, and she bore Mekir the father of Gelad. 15And Makir took to him a wife, one daughter of a Prince, and the name of his sister was Maaka, and the name of his elder brother was Tsalphkhad, and Tsalphkhad had no sons, only daughters. 16Also Maaka mother of Makir bore a son, and she called his name Peresh, and the name of his brother Sheresh, and the sons of Alum: Reqem. 17And the sons of Reqem: Baran. These are the sons of Gelad, son of Makir, son of Manassheh. 18And his sister Maaka gave birth to Ashkhur and Abiazar 19And Shemira, and Alinun, and Shim and Etham.

20And the sons of Aphreim: Shuthelakh, and Bakar his son, and Takhath his son, and Eldaa his son and Akhath his son 21And Zabur his son, and Shultakh his son, and Lazar his son, the men, the sons of Gath who were born in the land. They had gone down to take their wealth. 22And Aphreim their father was mourning many days, and his brothers came to comfort him and to put consolation in his heart. 23And he came to unity with his wife, and she conceived and she bore a son, and she called his name Bria, because there was evil with him in his house 24And his daughter who remained in Bayth Khuran, lower and upper. 25And his daughter healed all these who remained, because she was a Nurse and she healed their sick. 26And she healed Adan the son of Amihud. 27Of the sons of Anun the father of Yehushba.

28And their property and their beds in Bayth Eil and its hamlets, and Shekeem and its hamlets, and Anath and its hamlets. 29And upon the borders of the sons of Manassheh: Bayth Shekeem and its hamlets, Tanak and its hamlets, Magdu and its hamlets, Dur and its hamlets, as these towns dwelt the children of Yoseph son of Israel.

30The sons of Ashayr: Yamna and Shua and Shwi and Braya and Sarakh their sister. 31And the sons of Bria: Khabar and Malkil, he who is the father of Barzith. 32And Khaphar begot Phelet and Shamir and Khatum and Shu their sister. 33And the sons of Phelet: Pasak and Bemhal and Ashut, and these are the sons of Palet. 34The Peshitta lacks this verse. 35The Peshitta lacks this verse. 36The Peshitta lacks this verse. 37The Peshitta lacks this verse. 38The Peshitta lacks this verse. 39Arakh and Khananayel. 40These all are the sons of Ashir, Heads of the house of their fathers in their generations, mighty men of the army, Chiefs of the Princes, for their accounting in the army of war was by their number, twenty and six thousand men.

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