1 Chronicles 8
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1And Benjamin begot Baala his firstborn, Akbar the second, and Ashkul the third 2And Gera the fourth, and Naman the fifth, and Akhi the sixth, and Aruush the seventh, and Mathim the eighth, and Khasim the ninth and Adar the tenth. 3And sons to Baala were Abdu and Gera and Abihur 4And Abishu and Naman and Akhia 5And Shaphim and Khupham and Akhiram. 6These are the sons of Abihur, and these were the Chiefs of their fathers for their families, and they were taken captive to the plain of Naaman. 7The Peshitta omits this verse. 8The Peshitta omits this verse. 9And he begot from Kharash his wife, Yubab and Tsabya and Malkum. 10And Menasheh and Sariyah and Yarmana and Tsabats, these are his sons, Chiefs of the fathers. 11Makhshim begot Ikhubat and Eliphleg. 12And the sons of Eliphleg: Ubir and Mashlam and Shamir, and he built Iyu and Lud and its villages. 13And he was the head of the fathers over the dwellers of Gath. 14Shishaq and Yarmuth. 15And Zebadya and Azur and Adi. 16And Mankel and Ansheephi and Ebrun and Zabdi. 24And Khaneni and KhanenYah and Ulam and Anathuth. 25And Peraya and Phael sons of Shishaq and Shemira. 28These are Heads of the fathers for their generations, these of those first dwelling in Jerusalem.

29And the father of Gebuun was dwelling in Gebuun, and the name of his wife, Maaka. 30And his firstborn son, Ebrun, and Qish, and Bala and Nadab 31And Gud, and Akhib, and Izabar, and Maqluth. 32And Maqluth begot a hundred, also those were dwelling next to their brethren in Jerusalem.

33And Nir begot Qish and Qish begot Shaul and Shaul begot Jonathan and Melkishua and Yashui and Eshbashul. 34And the son of Yonathan was crippled in his feet, and Yashui had a son Merabel, and Merabel begot Mika. 35And the sons of Mica: Pethyun and Melek and Tara and Akhur and Aran. 36And Merabel begot Yahuyada, and Yahuyada begot Almuth and Azmuth and Zamri, and Zamri begot Mutsiya. 37And Mutsiya begot Keneniya, and Keneniya begot Zupha, and Elassa his son, Atsal his son. 38And Atsal had six sons: Azri his firstborn, Qim his second, Ishmael the third, and Shadya and Oubadya and Khanan, these all were the sons of Atsel. 39And the sons of Ashiq, his brother: Ulam his firstborn, Yaush the second, and Eliphlat the third. 40The sons of Alum were mighty men of the army and holders of the bow, and they were teaching their sons and their grandsons, a hundred and fifty, all these from the tribe of the children of Benjamin.

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