1 Chronicles 9
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1And all the children of Israel and the children of Yehuda were considered evil, those who were taken captive to Babel in their evil.

2And those who were first in their inheritance and in their cities: Israel and the Priests and the Levites and the Proselytes. 3And some of the children of Yehuda were dwelling in Jerusalem, and some of the children of Benjamin, and some of the children of Aphreim and some of the children of Manassheh 4Zuri son of Amihud, son of Aemri, son of Amri, son of Benjamin, the sons of Pharez, the sons of Yehuda. 5From the place of the Shilunites: Eshaia the firstborn and Batsya his brother. 6And from the sons of Zarakh: Yawayel and their brothers, six hundred and ninety. 7And of the sons of Benjamin: Selu, son of Mashlam, son of Hudia, son of Yahbana 8And Yukanya, son of Yarkhum. These are the sons of Azi, son of Makir, and Mashlam, son of Arubel, son of Ikanya. 9And their brothers for their families, nine hundred and ninety and nine, all these mighty men of the army, Chiefs of hundreds for their families.

10And of the Priests: Yunadab, Yuda, Zakim 11Azarayah, son of Khelqia, son of Mashlam, son of Tsaduq, son of Mazu, son of Akhitub, whose house was situated next to the house of LORD JEHOVAH. 12And Azraya, son of Yarkhum, son of Pashkhur, son of Melakya, and Mansi, son of Udyayel, son of Yukhanan, son of Mashlam, son of Mashdawuth, son of Amar. 13And their brothers were Heads of the house of their fathers, one thousand and seven hundred and sixty mighty men of the army, workers of the work of the house of LORD JEHOVAH.

14And from the Levites: Shemaiah, son of Kheshum, son of Zarqim, son of Kheshabya. 15From the sons of Merari: Yarkhum, son of Khadush, son of Alal, Methanya, son of Miqa, son of Zabdi, son of Asaph. 16And Oubdaya, son of Shemaiah, son of Kalal, son of Yirithun, and Berakya, son of Asaph, son of Halqanah, who was dwelling in Ramtha

17Shalum, and Yaqub, and Talan, and Khamnun, and Akhihum, and Shalum. 18Thus far is the eastern gate of the King. These were the Doorkeepers who stand by the Guards of the children of Levi. 19And Shalum, son of Qura, son of Aksiph, son of Qurakh, and his brothers and the men of the household of his father who were appointed over the work, and the Guards of the exit and the entrance. 20And Phinkhas, son of Eliazar, was Master over them from the first, and LORD JEHOVAH was with him. 21Zechariah, son of Mashlam guarded the door of the Tent of Time. 22All these stood at the door, in number, two hundred and twelve; these were counted in their generations, these whom David and Samuel the Prophet put into their office. 23And they appointed them and their children that they would be to keep these doors of the house of LORD JEHOVAH and the house of the Time Tabernacle and the watch garrisons. 24To the four winds they were opening these gates, to the East and to the West and to the North and the South. 25And their brothers were keeping these in their generations and were not entering except once every seven days, from time to time. 26Because those were in the office, because these Levites were standing and guarding over the four winds of the gates, and those Rulers were over the work and over the treasury of the house of LORD JEHOVAH. 27And they were going around and lodging at the house of LORD JEHOVAH, because this was their Guard at the gates.

28And at every dawn they were inspecting all the implements of service, because they were bringing them in by number, and by number they were taking them out. 29And some of the Levites were authorized over the implements and over all the work of Holiness, over the altar, and over the vessels, and over the wine, and over the oil, and over the frankincense and over the pure sweet spices. 30And some sons of the Priests prepared sweet spices for the censer. 31And a gift from the Levites was given, and Matitha of the Levites was the firstborn of Shalum; he was authorized in the office over secret services. 32Also some of the sons of Qahath were authorized over their brethren and over the bread of the curtains to prepare a feast on the Sabbath.

33And these Ministers, Chiefs of the fathers of Levi, were guarding in the arched chambers that are around the house, because they were authorized over the work by day and by night. 34And these were the Chiefs of the fathers of Levi in their families, and they were dwelling in Jerusalem.

35And the father of Gebuun was dwelling in Gebuun, and the name of his firstborn son: Joel, and the name of his wife: Maaka. 36And his second son: Ebron, also Tsur, and Qishun, and Bala, and Nir and Nadab 37And Gedoud, and Akhia, and Zechariah and Maqluth. 38And Maqluth begot Shamets; they also were dwelling next to their brothers, with their brothers in Jerusalem. 39And Nir begot Qish, and Qish begot Shaul, and Shaul begot Jonathan, and Melkishua, and Yashwi and Eshbashul. 40And Yashwi had a son and his name: Merabel, and Merabel begot Mika. 41And the children of Mica: Pithun and Imlek and Akhaz. 42And Akhaz begot Yazanya, and Yazanya begot Almuth, and Almuth begot Zamri and Zamri begot Moutsa. 43And Moutsa begot Kanaaniya, Arphiya his son, Atsal his son, Elasa his son. 44And Atsal had six sons, and these are their names: Azi, his firstborn, Qim his second, Ashma his son, Shadya his son, Oubadya his son, Khanan his son; these are the sons of Atsel.

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