1 Kings 5
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1And Khiram King of Tsur sent his Servants to Solomon, because he heard that they anointed him to reign in the place of his father, because Khiram had loved David all of their days. 2And Khiram sent to Solomon and blessed him, and Solomon sent to Khiram and said: 3“You know David my father, that he was not able to build a house for the name of LORD JEHOVAH his God, because of the many wars which were around him, until LORD JEHOVAH delivered them under the soles of his feet. 4And now LORD JEHOVAH my God has given rest to me from all around. There is no adversary, neither evil occurrence. 5And behold, I said: ‘I shall build a house to the name of LORD JEHOVAH my God, according to what LORD JEHOVAH said to David my father: “Your son whom I shall establish in your place on your throne will build a house for my name.”’ 6And now command and they shall cut down for me from Lebanon wood of cedar, and my Servants shall be with your Servants, and the wages of your Servants I shall give you, everything that you say, because you know there is no man among us who knows to cut wood like the Tsidonians.”

7And when Khiram heard the words of Solomon, he rejoiced greatly and said: “Blessed is LORD JEHOVAH today who gave to David a wise son over this great people!” 8And Khiram sent to Solomon and said to him: “I have heard that which you sent to me. I shall do all your pleasure in wood of cedars and with the wood of cypresses. 9My Servants will go down from Lebanon to the sea and I shall I make them rafts in the sea unto the region that you will send to me and I shall put them there and you shall fetch them from there, and you will accomplish also my desire, and you shall give bread to my household.” 10And it was that Khiram gave to Solomon wood of cedars and wood of cypresses as he desired. 11And Solomon gave to Khiram twenty thousand cors of wheat, food for his household, and twenty thousand cors of pressed oil; thus Solomon was giving to Khiram every year. 12And LORD JEHOVAH gave to Solomon wisdom as he had said to him, and there was peace between Khiram and the house of Solomon all their days and they both established a covenant.

13And King Solomon raised up taxes from all Israel, and the taxes were thirty thousand men. 14And he sent them to Lebanon, they were exchanged ten thousand per month; a month they were in Lebanon and two months in one’s house, and Aduniram was authorized over the taxes. 15And there were seventy thousand Porters for Solomon, and eighty thousand who cut stone in the mountain. 16Apart from the Princes who stood for Solomon over the work, three thousand and three hundred were authorized over the people who were doing the work. 17And the King commanded and they picked up stones, great precious stones to complete the house with cut stones. 18And the Builders of Solomon and the Builders of Khiram and the Stone Masons quarried and they prepared stones and wood for the building of the house.

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