1 Samuel 12
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1And Shemueil said to all Israel: “Behold, I have listened to your voice, all that you have told me, and I have crowned a King over you 2And now, behold, the King is before you, and I have aged and I am old, and my sons, behold, are with you, and I have walked before you from my youth and until today 3Behold, I am standing before you. Testify to me before LORD JEHOVAH and before his Anointed, whose ox have I taken or whose male donkey have I taken, or whom have I defrauded or whom have I afflicted, or from whose hand have I taken a bribe, and my eye has gazed at it? Tell me and I shall pay you!” 4They were saying to him: “You have not defrauded us, neither have you oppressed us, and you have not taken a thing from any man of us!” 5He said to them: “God is a witness among you, and his Anointed is a witness among you today, that you have not found anything in my hands.” And they were saying, “He is a witness!”

6And Shemueil said to the people: “LORD JEHOVAH alone is God who made Moshe and Aaron and brought our fathers up from the land of Egypt 7Arise now and I shall judge you before LORD JEHOVAH in all his righteousness that he did with you and with your fathers 8When Yaqob entered into Egypt and your fathers prayed before LORD JEHOVAH and LORD JEHOVAH sent Moshe and Aaron and brought up your fathers from the land of Egypt and settled them in this place 9And they forgot LORD JEHOVAH their God and he delivered them into the hand of Sisra, General of the army of Khatsur, and into the hand of the Philistines and into the hand of the King of Moab, and they fought with them 10And they prayed before LORD JEHOVAH and they said: “We have sinned, for we have forsaken LORD JEHOVAH our God and we have served Baal and the secret places, and now deliver us from the hand of our enemies, and we shall serve you!” 11And LORD JEHOVAH sent Debora and Baraq and Gedun and Nephthakh and Shemun and he saved you from the hand of your enemies, those who surrounded you, and you lived in quietness

12And you saw Nakhash, King of the children of Amon, coming for you, and you said: “‘Not so, but a King will reign over us!’ And LORD JEHOVAH your God was your King 13And now, behold, the King whom you have chosen, and you asked! Behold, LORD JEHOVAH has given you a King! 14And if you will stand in awe of LORD JEHOVAH and you will work for him, and you will listen to his voice, and you will not anger him, you and the King who reigns over you will also be following LORD JEHOVAH your God 15And if you will not hear the voice of LORD JEHOVAH your God, and you will anger him, the hand of LORD JEHOVAH will be among you according to what happened to your fathers 16And now, be ready and see this great response that LORD JEHOVAH makes to you 17Behold the harvest of wheat is today. I shall call LORD JEHOVAH and he will give noise and rain, and know and see that your great evil is that you have asked for yourselves a King!” 18Then Shemueil called LORD JEHOVAH, and LORD JEHOVAH gave a sound and rain in that place, and all the people were very afraid of LORD JEHOVAH and of Shemueil

19And all the people said to Shemueil: “Pray for your Servants before LORD JEHOVAH your God, and we will not die, because we have added to all our sins a great evil, that we ask for ourselves a King!” 20And Shemueil said to the people: “You shall not be afraid! You have done all this evil, however do not turn away from after LORD JEHOVAH, but serve LORD JEHOVAH with all your heart! 21And do not turn away after empty things, that you will not die, and they are not saving you because they are empty things 22Because LORD JEHOVAH has not abandoned his people, because his name is great, for he has been persuaded to make you a people to himself 23And I, God forbid me that I would sin against LORD JEHOVAH and I would not pray for you, and I shall teach you the good way and uprightness 24But stand in awe of LORD JEHOVAH and work for him in the truth with all your heart and with all your soul, and see that he has been great with you 25And if you will certainly do evil, even you and your King shall die!”

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