1 Samuel 22
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1And David went on from there and he escaped to the cave of Arlam, and his brothers heard and all the household of his father, and they went down to him there 2And every man who was distressed assembled with him, and every man who had a creditor, and every man bitter of soul, and he was Head over them, and there were with him about four hundred men

3And David went on from there to Metspaya of Moab, and he said to the King of Moab: “Let my father and my mother dwell with you until I know what God does to me” 4And he left them with the King of Moab, and they dwelt with him all the days when was David in Metspaya 5And Gad the Prophet said to David: “You shall not dwell in Metspaya. Go enter by yourself to the land of Yehuda.” And David went on to the woods of Khazyuth

6And Shaul heard that David was discovered and the men who were with him, and Shaul was staying in Gaba under an almond tree that was in Ramtha, and his scepter spear was in his hand, and all his Servants stood over by him 7And Shaul said to his Servants who stood over by him: “Hear sons of Benjamin, behold, the son of Iyshay will give all of you fields and vineyards, and all of you shall he make Commanders of thousands and hundreds 8Because all of you have rebelled against me and there is none who reveals to me the covenant of my son with the son of Iyshay, and there is none of you who grieves himself for me and has revealed it to me, because my son agreed with my Servants to an ambush against me as today!” 9And Dueg the Edomite answered and he stood over the Servants of Shaul and said: “I saw David who came to Akhimelek, son of Akhitub the Priest 10And he inquired of God for him, and he gave him weapons and provisions, and he gave him the sword of Gulyath the Philistine!”

11And the King sent to call Akhimelek, son of Akhitub the Priest, and all the household of his father, the Priests who were in Nekakh, and they all came to the King 12And Shaul said: “Hear now, son of Akhitub.” And he said, “Behold, here I am, my Lord!” 13And Shaul said to him, “Why have you acted treacherously against me, you and the son of Iyshay, when you gave him bread and a sword, and you inquired for him of God, that you confirmed against me an ambush as today?”

14And Akhimelek the Priest answered the King and said: “Who among all your Servants is like David, who is faithful, and the son in law of the King, and he keeps your commandments and is honored in your house? 15Is it today I have begun to inquire for him of God? God forbid it to me! Let not the King lay this matter on his Servant and upon the household of my father, because your Servant does not know any of this matter, great or little!” 16And the King said: “You shall certainly die Akhimelek, you and all the household of your father!” 17And the King said to the Runners who stood over by him: “Surround and kill the Priests of God, because their hands are with David and they knew that he was fleeing, and they did not show me!” And the Servants of the King were not willing to reach their hands and harm the Priests of God 18And the King said to Dueg: “You go around and attack the Priests!” And Dueg attacked the Priests and killed on that day eighty and five men who had taken up an ephod of fine white linen 19And he gave to him the village of the Priests, and he killed by the mouth of the sword from man and unto woman, and from young man and unto infant, and bull and sheep by the mouth of the sword

20And one son of Akhimelek, son of Akhitub, escaped, and his name was Abiathar, and he fled by himself after David 21And Abiathar showed to David that Shaul had killed the Priests of God 22And David said to Abiathar: “I did know on that day that Dueg the Edomite was there, who would surely tell Shaul, and I am guilty for all the lives of the house of your father! 23Stay with me and do not fear, because he who seeks my life seeks also your life, because The Protector is with me”

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