1 Samuel 9
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1And there was one man from Benjamin, and his name, Qish, son of Abiel, son of Tserud, son of Bekaruth, son of Aphikh, a man from Benjamin, a mighty man of power 2And he had a son and his name, Shaul, a mighty man and fine, and there was not a man of the sons of Israel that was finer than he, and from his shoulders and above he was taller than all the people

3And the donkeys of Qish, the father of Shaul, were lost, and Qish said to Shaul his son: “Take with you one of the boys and arise, go seek the donkeys.” And Shaul arose and he went on and he took with him one of the boys, and he went on to seek his father’s donkeys 4And he passed by in the mountain of Aphreim, and he passed by in the Land of Burning Coals and he did not find them, and he passed by in the Land of Foxes and there was nothing, and he passed by in the land of Benyamin and he did not find them

5And they came to them in the land of Tsur, and Shaul said to the boy who was with him: “Come, we will return, lest my father will abandon thinking of the donkeys and he will fear for us” 6And his boy said to him: “See, a certain man of God is in the city, and a man honored in the eyes of the people, and everything that he says is coming, comes. Now, let us go there; perhaps he will show us the way where we may come upon it” 7And Shaul said to the boy, “Behold, what are we going to take to the man of God, for the bread is spent from our goods, and there are no provisions to bring to the man of God, because we have nothing?” 8And the boy added and answered his Master, and he said: “Behold, here a fourth of a shekel of silver is found in my hands. Give it to the man of God, and he will show us our way” 9Because from the first in Israel, thus had a man said whenever he was going to inquire from God: “Come, let us go unto the Seer”, because a Prophet of today in former times was called a Seer 10And Shaul said to the boy: “Your word is good. Come, we shall go.” And they went to the city of the man of God

11They went up at the ascent of the city, and they found girls who come out to draw water, and Shaul said to them: “Is the Seer here?” 12And she answered and she said: “Behold, he is before you. Come up now quickly, because today he came to the city because of the sacrifice today for the people at the high place 13And whenever you have entered the city, thus you will find him before he has gone up to the high place to eat, because the people do not eat until he comes, because he blesses the sacrifice, and after that, those who are called eat. And now, come up, because today you will find him” 14And those entering at the entrance of the city came up to the city, and behold, Shemueil went out to meet them to go up to the high place

15And LORD JEHOVAH had said to Shemueil one day before, that Shaul would come, saying 16“At the time of tomorrow I shall send to you a man from the land of Benyamin. Anoint him the Leader over my people Israel, and he shall deliver my people from the hand of the Philistines, because I have seen my people, and their crying has come unto me” 17And Shemueil saw Shaul whom LORD JEHOVAH had chosen, and LORD JEHOVAH said to Shemueil: “Behold, the man of whom I said to you, ‘This one shall rule over my people’” 18And Shaul came near to Shemueil inside the gate, and he said: “Show me where the house of the Seer is” 19And Shemueil answered and said to Shaul: “I am the Seer. Come up before me to the high place and eat with me today, and I shall send you at dawn and I shall show you everything that is in your heart 20And concerning the donkeys that you lost, behold, three days ago today, you shall not set your heart on them, because they have been found, and whose is all the desire of the house Israel, except only yours and of the house of your father?” 21And Shaul answered and said to Shemueil: “Behold, I am a son of Benjamin from a small one of the tribes of Israel, and my family is least of all families of the tribe of Benyamin, and why have you spoken this word to me?”

22And Shemueil took Shaul and his boy and brought them to the house, and he gave them the place at the head of those invited, and they were about thirty men 23And Shemueil said to the Cook: “Give the portion that I gave to you and I said to you, ‘Set it with yourself’” 24And the Butcher lifted the shoulder and the thigh and laid them before Shaul, and he said: “Behold, what is left is laid before you, and eat, because for a while it has been kept for you.” And Shaul ate with Shemueil on that day

25And he came down from the high place to the city and he spoke with Shaul on the roof 26And he arose when dawn came up, and Shemueil called Shaul to the roof and said, “Arise, I shall send you.” And Shaul arose, and they went out, both he and Shemueil, outside 27They went down to the end of the city, and Shemueil said to Shaul: “Tell the boy to pass by before us, and you stay as long as today and I shall inquire the word of God for you”

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