2 Chronicles 17
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1And Yehoshaphat his son arose in the Kingdom after him, and he was strengthened against Israel. 2And he authorized men, mighty men of power, in all the fortress towns of the house of Yehuda, and he appointed Governors in the land of Yehuda and in the land of Aphreim which Asa his father had taken.

3And LORD JEHOVAH was with Yehoshaphat, because he walked in the ways of David his forefather and did not pray to images. 4Because he prayed to LORD JEHOVAH God of his father and he walked in his commandments and he kept his laws and he did not do according to the works of Israel. 5And LORD JEHOVAH established the Kingdom in his hand and all the house of Yehuda gave gifts to Yehoshaphat, and he had great wealth and abundant honor. 6And his heart was strengthened in LORD JEHOVAH his God, and he walked in the ways of LORD JEHOVAH, and furthermore he broke down the altars and high places that were at the borders of the house of Yehuda.

7And in the third year of his reign he sent and he called for his Nobles and the Generals of the armies, Oubdaya and Zechariah and Methneil and Melkia, to teach in the villages of Yehuda. 8And with them were the Levites: Shemaiah, Methanya, Zechariah, Ashaiel, Netorah, Jonathan, Aduniah, Tobia; these all were Levites and with them were Elishama and Yehuram the Priests. 9And they were teaching in all the land of Yehuda, and the scroll of the Law of LORD JEHOVAH was with them, and they were walking around in all the towns of Yehuda, and they were teaching the people.

10And the awe of LORD JEHOVAH was on all the kingdoms of the cities that were around Yehuda, and they did not fight with Yehoshaphat. 11And from the cities of the Philistines they were bringing to Yehoshaphat silver and gifts and head tax money, also the Arabians were bringing seven thousand sheep and seven hundred rams, and seven thousand seven hundred he goats in one year. 12And Yehoshaphat was going on, and he became rich until he was very rich, and he built castles and cities of storage in Yehuda. 13And he had great work in the land of Yehuda and mighty warriors of the army in Jerusalem. 14And this is the number of them for the house of their fathers of the house of Yehuda and Commanders of thousands: Adinu the mighty man, and three hundred thousand mighty men of the army were serving him 15And Yokhanan the Great, and two hundred and eighty thousand mighty men of the army were serving him 16And after him, Shemei, son of Zarakh, who pleased LORD JEHOVAH, and two hundred thousand, the hosts of the army were with him. 17And from those of the house of Benjamin, mighty men of the army: Elida, his name, and two hundred thousand men archers and bearers of shields were serving him 18And Yehuzabar, the mighty man, and with him were serving a hundred and eighty thousand workers of war. 19These were all serving King Yehoshaphat, apart from those whom the King authorized in the cities of power in all the land of Yehuda.

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