2 Samuel 21
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1And there was famine in the days of David, three years, year after year, and David begged of LORD JEHOVAH and LORD JEHOVAH said: “Because of Shaul and because of the household of blood, because he killed the Gebunites” 2And the King called the Gebunites and spoke to them, and the Gebunites were not from the children of Israel, but from the remnant, those of the Amorites, and the children of Israel swore to them, and Shaul desired to kill them, as he was zealous to make the children of Israel and the children of Yehuda sin 3And David said to the Gebunites: “What shall I do for you and in what shall I make atonement for you?” And they blessed the inheritance of LORD JEHOVAH 4The Gebunites said to him: “It is not money and gold that Shaul and his house owed to us, and there is no man for us to kill in Israel.” He said to them: “And what do you say I shall do for you?” 5They said to the King: “The man who destroyed us and planned to destroy us that we would not continue in all the borders of Israel 6Give us his seven sons, and we will sacrifice them before LORD JEHOVAH in the high place of Shaul.” The King said to them: “I shall give them”

7And the King had pity on Maphibshath, son of Jonathan, son of Shaul, because of the oath of LORD JEHOVAH that was between David and Jonathan son of Shaul 8And the King took two sons of Retspa, daughter of Ana, whom she bore to Shaul: Armuni and Maphibshath and five sons of Nadab, daughter of Shaul, whom she bore to Azreil son of Barzali who was from Mekhula 9And he delivered them to the Gebunites and they sacrificed them in the mountain before LORD JEHOVAH, and the seven of them fell as one, and those were killed in the days of harvest on the first of the harvest of barley

10And Retspa, daughter of Ana, took sackcloth and she spread it on a rock from the beginning of the harvest until the waters from the sky descended upon them, and she did not allow the bird of the sky to alight upon them by day, neither the beast of the wilderness in the night 11And they revealed to David the thing that Retspa daughter of Ana the Concubine of Shaul had done 12And David went and he took the bones of Shaul and the bones of Yonathan his son from the Masters of Yabish of Gelad that they had stolen from Rakhub of the house of Yashan where the Philistines hanged them on the day that the Philistines murdered Shaul in the mountain of Gelbua 13And he brought up from there the bones of Shaul and the bones of Yonathan his son and they gathered the bones of the slain 14And they buried the bones of Shaul and of Yonathan in the land of Benyamin in Tsaltsakh, in the grave of Qish his father, and they did everything that the King commanded, and God was reconciled to the land after that

15And there was again war for the Philistines with Israel, and David came down, and his Servants with him, to fight with the Philistines 16And David was afraid, and Yuab and Abishi, of a Giant the weight of whose breastplate was three hundred shekels of brass, and he was girt with a new sword, and he said he would kill David 17And Abishi son of Tsuria the Philistine helped him and he killed him. Then the Servants swore to David and they were saying to him: “Do not go out with us to battle and you shall not put out the lamp of Israel!”

18After that there was war again in Gath with the Philistines. Then Sabki the Khushathite killed Saphar who was from the sons of the giants 19And there was again war for Israel with the Philistines, and Elkhanan son of Malaph the Weaver who was from Bayth Lekhem killed Gulyath the Philistine, and the shaft of his spear was thick as the beam of a weaver 20And there was again war in Gath, and there was there a giant man, the fingers of whose hands and the toes of his feet were six on each, twenty and four in number; also he was born to giants 21And he defied Israel, and Yonadab, son of Shama, the brother of David, killed him 22These four were born to giants in Gath and were delivered into the hand of David and into the hand of his Servants

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