2 Samuel 22
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1And David spoke to LORD JEHOVAH the words of this song on the day that LORD JEHOVAH saved him from the hand of his enemies and from the hand of Shaul

2And he said: “I shall love you LORD JEHOVAH, my power, and my trust, LORD JEHOVAH my strength, and the house of my refuge and my Deliverer!

3God The Mighty One in whom I hope, my helper and the trumpet of my salvation, and the house of my refuge and my Deliverer from the evil ones, and my glorious Savior!

4I shall call to LORD JEHOVAH and I shall be saved from my enemies

5Because the cords of death surrounded and torrents of evil ones troubled me!

6The pains of Sheol were around me and the snares of death in front of me!

7In my suffering I called to LORD JEHOVAH, and to my God I cried out, and he heard my voice from his temple, and my cry before him entered into his ears

8And the earth was shaken and moved and the foundations of the mountains quaked, and they were torn apart because you were angered against them

9Smoke arose in his passion and fire from his face was kindled, also coals were kindled from him

10And he bent Heaven and he came down and dark clouds were under his feet

11He rode upon Cherubim and he flew and he flew high on the wings of the wind

12And he made darkness for his refuge and around him was his tabernacle, the darkness of waters in the clouds

13From the brightness of his tabernacle he made his clouds, hailstones, also coals of fire

14And LORD JEHOVAH thundered in the Heavens and The Most High gave his voice: hailstones and coals of fire

15He sent his arrows and scattered them and he multiplied lightnings and he troubled them

16And the springs of waters appeared and the foundations of the world were revealed from your rebuke, LORD JEHOVAH, and from the breath of the Spirit of your anger

17He sent from the height and he took me and he drew me out from many waters

18And he saved me from my strong enemies and from my haters who were stronger than I

19And they were in front of me on the day of my affliction, and LORD JEHOVAH was a helper to me

20And he brought me out to an expanse and he saved me, because he was pleased with me

21LORD JEHOVAH rewarded me according to my righteousness and according to the purity of my hands he turned to me

22Because I have kept the ways of LORD JEHOVAH and I have not revolted from my God

23Because all his judgments were in front of me and his laws I have not put away from me

24And I have been with him without blemish and I have kept myself from sins

25LORD JEHOVAH rewarded me according to my righteousness and according to the purity of my hands in front of his eyes

26With the good you shall be good, and with a perfect man you shall be perfect

27And with the pure man you shall be pure and with the crooked you will be distorted

28For you shall save the poor people and the lofty eyes you shall bring low

29You shall light my lamp, LORD JEHOVAH! My God shall enlighten my darkness

30Because by you I shall run over a troop, and by my God I shall jump a wall!

31God whose way is without blemish; the word of LORD JEHOVAH is proven and he helps all who trust upon him

32Because there is no God outside of LORD JEHOVAH, and there is none who is mighty but only our God!

33God who girds me in power and he makes my road without a blemish

34He makes my feet like those of a stag and he makes me stand on the high place

35For he teaches my hands for war and he strengthens my arms like a bow of brass!

36And you have given me the shield of salvation. Your right hand will support me and your instruction will make me great

37You have enlarged my steps under me that my ankles would not be moved

38I shall chase my enemies and I shall overtake them and I shall not return until I will finish them

39I shall strike them and they will not be able to stand, and they shall fall under my feet

40You shall gird me with power in battle, and you shall subdue under me those who stand against me

41And the necks of my enemies you have converted to me and I shall stop my haters

42They shall cry to LORD JEHOVAH, and there will be no Savior for them, and they will beg from LORD JEHOVAH, and he will not answer them

43I shall pulverize them like dust on the faces of the wind, and like mud of the streets I shall tread them

44You shall deliver me from the judgments of the people and you shall make me Head to the nations. The people that I have not known shall work for me

45The hearing ear shall hear me. The sons of foreigners shall submit themselves to me

46The sons of foreigners shall be restrained from their streets and they shall be lame

47LORD JEHOVAH lives and blessed is he who empowers me, and God my Savior is exalted!

48God who has given to me vengeance he has subjected the nations under me

49And he delivers me from my enemies, and also over those who arose against me he has exalted me, and from evil men you shall save me!

50Because of this I shall give thanks to you among the nations, my Lord, and your name I shall sing

51He enlarges the salvation of his King and he performs grace to his Anointed, to David and to his seed unto eternity!

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