2 Samuel 20
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1And an evil man sprang up there, and his name was Shamu, son of Bakri of Benyamin, and he sounded on the Shophar and he said: “We have no portion with David, also no inheritance with the son of Ishi! Go each person to his tent!”

2And all of the children of Israel turned from following after David, and they went after Shamu, son of Bakri, and the sons of Yehuda cleaved to their King from the Jordan and unto Jerusalem

3And David came to his house in Jerusalem and the King took the ten Concubines whom he had left to keep his house and he confined them in a house to be kept and he supported them and he did not go into them, and they were in confinement until the day that they died and were widows

4And the King said to Amasa: “Assemble to me those of the household of Yehuda in three days and you stand here” 5And Amasa went to assemble them of the household of Yehuda, and he took longer than the appointment that the King appointed 6And David said to Yuab: “Now Shamu son of Bakri does us more evil than Abishlum, but take with you some Servants of your Master and go after him, lest he will find for himself fortressed cities and he remains in them, and he will pluck out our eyes!” 7And the companions of Yuab went out after him, Freemen and Soldiers and all the mighty men, and they went out from Jerusalem and they went after Shamu, son of Bakri 8Those met at The Great Stone that is in Gebuun, and Amasa went in before them, and Yuab was girded with a garment of his armor and a dagger was bound and girded on his loins like a dagger, and he went out and his hand fell on his sword 9Yuab said to Amasa: “Peace to you my brother!” And the hand of Yuab fell on the beard of Amasa and he kissed him

10And Amasa was not aware of the dagger that was in the hand of Yuab, and he struck him with it at his midsection, and his bowels fell out on the ground, and he did not repeat it, and he died. And Yuab and Abishi went after Shamu, son of Bakri 11And one man of the Servants of Yuab went and stood by him and he said to him: “From whom are you, of David who are after Yuab?” 12And Amasa was covered with his blood and was cast into the street, and when the man that stood with him saw all the people looking, he dragged Amasa from the street and laid him in a field and laid a cloak on him, when he saw that everyone who passed by him stood by him

13And when he dragged him from the street, every man passed by after Yuab and went after Shamu, son of Bakri, to go after him

14And they passed through into all of the tribes of Israel in Abel and in Bayth Maaka and in all the towns and they went after him 15And they entered and they camped against him in Abel and in Bayth Maaka, and they set ambushes against the city, and it stood in distress, and all the people that were with Yuab were provoked to throw down the wall 16And one wise woman called from the wall of the city and she said: “Hear! Hear! And say to Yuab, ‘Come near here and I shall speak you!’ 17And he came near to her, and she said to him: “Are you Yuab?” And he said to her: “I am he!” She said to him: “Hear the words of your Maid Servant!”And he said, “I am listening” 18The woman spoke, saying: “They would say from ancient time ‘To inquire, they would inquire of the Prophets and then they would destroy‘ 19I have paid birth pangs, I am of Israel, of whom you seek to kill a boy and his mother in Israel, and will you swallow up the inheritance of LORD JEHOVAH?” 20Yuab answered and he said to her: “I shall not avenge myself and I shall not destroy! 21It is not so, but one man from the Mount of Aphrim, Shamu, son of Bakri is his name, has stretched out his hands against King David. Give him only to me and I shall remove myself from the city!” The woman said to Yuab: “Now his head will be thrown to you from the wall!” 22And the woman in her wisdom went to all the people and they took the head of Shamu, son of Bakri, and threw it from the wall to Yuab. And Yuab sounded on the Shophar, and they removed themselves from the city, and they went, each person, to his tent, and Yuab returned to Jerusalem to the presence of King David

23And Yuab was over all the army of Israel, and Benaya son of Yuyada was over the Free men and over the Laborers 24And Aduniram was over taxes and Yushaphat son of Akhilud, the Recorder 25And Sharia the Scribe and Tsaduq and Abiathar the Priests 26And also Azah who from Yathar, he was the Priest to David

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