Deuteronomy 22
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1"You shall not see the ox of your brother or his ewe when they stray and ignore them, but surely return them to your brother. 2And if your brother is not near to you and you do not know him, bring them within your house and they shall be with you until your brother seeks for them, and return them to him. 3So do for his ox or his donkey or his garment and so do with every lost item that is lost by him, and you find it; it is not legal for you to ignore. 4You shall not see the donkey of your enemy or his ox when it has fallen on the road and ignore them, but certainly lift them with him.

5There shall not be a garment of a man on a woman, and a man will not wear the garment of a woman, because everyone who does these things is defiled before LORD JEHOVAH your God.

6And when you will find the nest of a bird before you in the way, in any tree or on the ground with chicks or young and the mother sitting on chicks or on the young, do not take the mother with her young: 7But surely let the mother fly and her young ones take to yourself, that it may be well with you and your days may be multiplied.

8And whenever you build a new house, make a railing for your roof that a man will not fall from it and blood would be in your household.

9Do not sow your furrow with a mixture, so that the harvest of the seed that you sowed and the fruits of the vineyard will not be condemned.

10You shall not drive a plow with an ox and with a donkey together.

11You shall not wear a garment of wool and of linen together.

12Make fringes for yourself on the four corners of your cloak with which you are covered.

13And when a man will take a wife and will enter into her and he will hate her. 14And he will conduct an accusation after her with words and will bring out an evil name upon her and will say: “I have taken this woman and I had sexual intercourse with her and I have not found her a virgin”: 15The father of the girl and her mother shall take and shall bring out the tokens of the virginity of the girl to the Elders of the city at the gate: 16And the father of the girl shall say to the Elders: 'I have given my daughter to this man as a wife and he hates her; 17And behold he conducts an accusation after her with words and says, ‘I have not found your daughter a virgin’, and these are the tokens of virginity of my daughter', and they shall spread the cloth before the Elders of the town. 18And the Elders of the town shall take that man and they shall discipline him; 19And they shall fine him a hundred silver coins and they shall give to the father of the girl, because he has brought forth a bad name on a virgin daughter of Israel, and she will be a wife to him and he will not be authorized to divorce her all of his days.

20And if this word was from the truth and tokens of virginity were not found for the girl: 21They shall bring out the girl to the door of the house of her father and the men of the town shall stone her with stones and she shall die because she has produced shame in Israel and committed whoredom in the house of her father; and so uproot evil from among you.

22And when a man will be found who has sexual intercourse with the wife of a man, they shall certainly be killed, both the man who had sexual intercourse with her, also that woman, and root out evil from Israel.

23And if there will be a virgin girl who is engaged to man and another man will find her in the city and he shall lie with her. 24Bring them both to the gate of that city and stone them with stones and they shall die, because that girl did not cry for help in the city, and that man because he disgraced the wife of his neighbor, and uproot evil from among you.

25And if a man has found a girl in a field who was engaged, and held her by force and had sexual intercourse with her, only the man who had sexual intercourse with her shall be killed. 26And you shall not do anything to the girl, because the girl is not guilty of a sin of death, for as when a man rises against his neighbor and he kills him, so is this matter. 27Because he found her in the field and the girl who was engaged cried for help and there was none to save her.

28And if a man finds a virgin girl that was not engaged and he will take her and he shall have sexual intercourse with her and they will be found; 29That man who had sexual intercourse with her will give the father of the girl fifty silver coins and she will be a wife to him because he disgraced her, and he will not be authorized to divorce her all the days of his life.

30A man shall not take the wife of his father and shall not lay open the skirt of his father.”

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