Deuteronomy 23
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1"An adulterer shall not enter the assembly of LORD JEHOVAH. 2And a son of adultery shall not enter the assembly of LORD JEHOVAH, also not for ten generations shall he enter the assembly of LORD JEHOVAH. 3An Ammonite or a Moabite shall not enter the assembly of LORD JEHOVAH, not even to the tenth generation shall they enter the assembly of LORD JEHOVAH, for eternity: 4Because they did not bring to you bread and water in the way when you went out from Egypt, and because they hired Balaam, son of Beor, from Pithor of Aram Nahrayn, against you to curse you. 5And LORD JEHOVAH your God did not choose to hear Balaam and LORD JEHOVAH your God turned his curses to blessing, because LORD JEHOVAH your God loved you. 6Do not desire their peace and their good all the days of your life, forever.

7You shall not drive out the Adumite, because he is your brother and you shall not drive out the Egyptian because you were an inhabitant in his land. 8The children who are born to them in the third generation shall enter the assembly of LORD JEHOVAH.

9And when you go out into the camp against your enemies, beware of anything evil.

10And if a man shall be among you that is impure from an emission of the night, he shall go forth himself outside of the camp and he shall not enter within the camp: 11And at the time of evening he shall wash in water, and when the sun has set he shall enter within the camp.

12And a place shall be known to you outside of the camp and let out there the waters of your legs: 13And you shall have a trowel on your weapon and when you put down the waters of your legs, dig with it and cover your dung: 14Because that LORD JEHOVAH your God walks within your camp to save you and he shall hand your enemies over before you and your camp shall be holy, so that He would not see a matter of nakedness among you and turn Himself from you.

15Do not hand a Servant over to his Master who has fled to you from his Master: 16But he shall dwell with you in the place where he wants in one of your towns, wherever it pleases him, and you shall not oppress him.

17There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, also there shall be no one who fornicates of the sons of Israel. 18You shall not bring the fee of a whore or the hire of a dog to the house of LORD JEHOVAH your God for any vow, because they are both defiled before LORD JEHOVAH your God.

19You shall not increase interest of money by your brother, or interest of grain or interest of anything that grows: 20Make gain on a foreigner, but you shall not make gain on your brother, that LORD JEHOVAH your God may bless you in everything to which you reach your hand in the land you enter to inherit.

21And if you vow a vow to LORD JEHOVAH your God, you shall not defer to pay it, or it would be a sin upon you, because LORD JEHOVAH certainly requires it from you. 22And if you do not want to make a vow, no sin would be upon you. 23Keep anything that proceeds from your lips and perform as you have vowed to LORD JEHOVAH your God the offering that you have spoken with your mouth.

24And when you enter the vineyard of your neighbor, eat grapes until your soul is full, and do not put into your garment.

25And when you enter the standing grain of your neighbor, pick the ears with your hands, and do not lift a sickle against the standing grain of your neighbor.”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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