Ecclesiastes 12
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1Remember your Creator in the days of your youth until the evil days will come, and the years will approach when you say: "I have no pleasure in them" 2Until the sun will darken and the light of the moon and of the stars, and the clouds return after the rain 3In the day when the Housekeepers will shake and the Masters of power are agitated, and the grinders will fail because they are few, and the watchers in the windows will grow dark 4And the gates of the streets will be shut by feebleness of the sound of the grinders, and he will rise to the voice of a bird, and all the daughters of song will be brought low 5And also he will be afraid of height and he will shake in his ways, and wakefulness will seek for him and the bitter almond will bud and the locust will multiply and henna plant will be scattered and evil will cease, because a son of man goes to the house of his labor* and mourners go about in the streets 6Until the cord silver is cut and the gold bowl will be shattered, and the pitcher will be shattered over the fountain and the wheel will run over the well 7And the dust will return to Earth like it was and the spirit will return to LORD JEHOVAH who gave it 8Futility of futilities, says the Preacher; futility of futilities, everything is futility!

9And moreover, because the Preacher was wise who had been teaching knowledge to the people, and he listened and he investigated and he has set in order many proverbs 10The Preacher sought much to find statements of pleasure and he wrote in truth statements of truth

11The words of the wise are like goads and like nails with which Masters nail door posts; they are given from one Shepherd 12And especially pay attention to them, my son. To the writing many scrolls there is no end, and much speaking is weariness of the flesh

13The end of the matter in its sum: listen to everything and be in awe before LORD JEHOVAH, and keep his commandments, for this is of One Craftsman which is given to every person 14Because LORD JEHOVAH brings all works into judgment concerning everything that is hidden, and it is revealed whether it is good or evil

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